Autograph of collaboration of new and high technology of Shanghai light fine and Shanghai arranges a ceremony

Recently, the technical collaboration that limited company of technology of new and high papermaking of industrial limited company and Shanghai specializations had Shanghai light fine grand autograph arranges a ceremony. President of general manager of limited company of technology of new and high papermaking of Chen Xiaokang of president of industrial limited company, Shanghai signed Shanghai light fine jointly cooperative agreement.

Limited company of technology of Shanghai new and high papermaking is a major is engaged in online figuration implement, the high-tech company of machine of special type paper. The company developed sirocco to turn to type to apply glue spreader again recently, banner place is had on the technology in machinery of papermaking of paper of domestic and international special type and crucial part.

Shanghai light good people is industrial will depend on its on advanced productivity and the base that have product technology, the advantage is complementary, with the shortest time, the oldest rate rises Shanghai light fine even the standard of industry of travel of accident of paper of special type paper of our country and core competition ability, the advanced technique that also makes Shanghai new and high at the same time realizes industrialization ceaselessly, from go up at all stimulative productivity develops, increase the service capacity that is a paper mill.

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