“Paper value rebounds ” next exceeding hair of 40 paper mill rises in price case, white fastener market however as before low fan!

A week of firm in December past, of wrapping paper market short-term appear give fervent, according to not complete count, mill of more than 40 paper is released early or late rise in price case, and center area of Yuhuadong, China north more, compare with the short-term and intimate look of wrapping paper, white fastener market as before low confuse the market, reflective shipment as before delicate.

Wrapping paper greets sole to rebound

White fastener market as before low fan

① After many setbacks, sole of paperboard of this Zhou Waleng, box, white chipboard rebounds, nearly two days already had 100-200 yuan / ton go up, the demand busy season of wrapping paper also is before the Spring Festival, whether prop up price get warm again after a cold spell effectively, remain to observe.

② In December a week, linkage of paper of board of waste paper, rows of tiles on a roof raises price, in the quote of newest waste paper of 37 paper mills of countrywide, chose to go up the price that move paper, extent is in 30-200 yuan / ton.

③ Compare with the short-term and intimate look of wrapping paper, white fastener market as before low fan, the market reflects shipment as before delicate, 250-400 Ke Bai blocks 6400-6500 predominate price, in view of manufacturer stop machine be restricted to produce the inventory with agency to digest, can delicate situation meets next half moon improve somewhat, culture paper also has digest not beautiful, the evidence of supply and demand with quick price.

“Paper value rebounds ” next exceeding 40 hair rise in price case

Center area of Yuhuadong, China north more

From November 25 the first piece rises in price after case is given out, paper value is in two weeks short inside greeted relatively strong rebound. Inside nearly half month in the past, according to small make up not complete count, with Jiu Long such bibcock enterprise is ” main force ” , accumulative total shares 41 paper mills to give out rise in price case. The extent that rise in price basically is in be in 100-200 yuan / ton. Rise in price among them paper look forward to basically centers Yu Huadong area, it is China north area next.

The description that cases according to rising in price, because stop,mill of paper of Hua Dong area rises in price basically is machine, be restricted to produce, waste paper waits a reason a moment. And China north area on one hand main as in short supply as natural gas about, have very big concern with environmental protection policy on the other hand.

Current market cannot be used simply

Reasonable and unreasonable come judgment

Year end not disappear stops! Collective of board of the waste paper recently, rows of tiles on a roof rose in price a industry view, soare the businessman lets after steeping fall how much but, old driver see through thes word of mortals, new driver water of a mist, accurate driver passion does tide, but market course was full of all sorts of joys and sorrows, a few jubilate a few anxious, no matter large volume is minor, it is play ” money ” game.

Current market action cannot have been used simply reasonable and unreasonable come judgment, policy, supply, demand, cost, accuse dish, information, resource waits an element a moment metropolis confused cross is wrong, also raise higher management and decision-making requirement to paper trade business, big fish eats small fish to be able to grow in intensity in this industry.

The industry is playing ” big data ” , the company should look ” little data ” , the number is can mirror most real problem and guide problem solution, need not digital management is managed, basket of very easy bamboo hits again and again of water, bruise, calculate the painstaking service that move a brick also not likely can have cable of bonus be apt to certainly, in the intelligent times of Internet, run message with management combination looking is more was necessary.

(original title: “Paper value rebounds ” next exceeding hair of 40 paper mill rises in price case! White fastener market however as before low fan! )

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