Silver-colored columbine investment and collaboration of Henan women’s volleyball establish club of Henan silver columbine women’s volleyball

Had regarded Henan women’s volleyball as 8 years league matches continuously advocate field city, run match of international home Gao Shuiping volleyball for many times ” the city of volleyball ” Luo river, go further with the collaboration of Henan women’s volleyball — on October 19, inc. of columbine industrial investment and collaboration of Henan women’s volleyball establish silver of Luo river Henan club of Henan silver columbine women’s volleyball, attend 2017 — Chinese women’s volleyball exceeded class league matches 2018, henan saves Xie Guochen of vice director of ball games management center to say, this is ” go up in person add close ” .

Henan women’s volleyball is established 1958, although rise,rise and fall nearly 60 years volt, but the team builds development never discontinuous, had obtained league matches of countrywide women’s volleyball not only the 3rd outstanding achievement such as the name, still had carried the Sun Lijuan, fine athlete such as Guo Shujing for national group, the Li Weiwei in active service athlete, Huang Ruilei, Zhu Ting selected cross national line. Especially Zhu Ting of header of women’s volleyball of active service China, liyaoao carries meeting brave seizes gold, contest of of all kinds international shines brilliantly, turn the 2nd year continuously this year club of meeting Turkey profession, league matches of glaring Europe women’s volleyball, after becoming Yao Ming of our country afterwards, Liu Xiang, Li Na the star of new sports, new sports is leading drive in the respect such as accomplishment of charm of athletics level, character, profession.

And element has ” Chinese straw pulp the first ” praise Yin Ge invests is Henan province 100 keys enterprise, “Take the course that passes 50 years, the Yin Ge of new era needs the healthy image of Henan women’s volleyball. ” company president Gu Qi expresses, a year of millions yuan devoted, what do not have respects of pair of achievement of Henan women’s volleyball is alleged ” good job ” , just hope Henan women’s volleyball progresses ceaselessly.

2017 — league matches of women’s volleyball of China of 2018 sports season will pull open opening on October 27, the Chinese volleyball league matches that held nearly 20 years this sports season is formal more the name exceeds class league matches for Chinese volleyball, meanwhile, contest makes contest of construction of development of leg, business, club, complete star wait for a series of innovation of the respect, also will accompany a name ” upgrade ” , together of open China volleyball ” super times ” .

As the end of the national games and the beginning with new periodic Olympic Games, many team of domestic began ” new old alternant ” . Henan women’s volleyball is not exceptional also, new face is numerous in the team, exercise new talent, adjust a team, will be the first task that new sports season of Henan women’s volleyball faces.

(original title: Hand in hand ” Yin Ge ” establish club Henan women’s volleyball and Luo river ” go up in person add close ” )

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