Vacate strong manual papermaking: Foreword of more than 30 coolie brings up 9 big working procedure

The Republic of China ” Teng Chong county annals stalks of grain ” carry: “3 experienced each district are productive, its skin is papermaking raw material, tenacity is admirable, fiber is especially thin, one-tenth size two kinds, big person for arbor of deciduous leaf beans, the tree leaves when hack 45 feet, make its clump sends shoot. Small person for constant green, fascicular bush, the beard when hack brushs earth, both all come back cut down comes back unripe, long receive its benefit. Long receive its benefit..

Speak of to vacate strong paper, must carry build in Yunnan Teng Chong tall Li Gongshan issues the vacating in the field side new Zhuang Cun to develop paper museum, the person that this building is visited for all along shows this old manual papermaking skill, reach the culture product related its, still set the area of the be closely bound up such as teahouse. This museum measures composition by a few small system, as small the village that shrink; And museum of whole village along with is not again isolated, form however bigger, fresh museum — the technology that each other people can show papermaking to the person that call in. Also abide by even building itself the whiff that vacates strong paper to breathe out, use local fir, the low specific power consumption such as bamboo, manual paper, but the influence that the natural data of degradation will come to reduce pair of environments. Get used to local climate not only, still make full use of the material that vacates strong place and craft, finish built persistence to not have by local craftsman do not be the same as with the spirit that vacates strong paper bear one arteries and veins, museum and Teng Chong paper combines an organic whole.

Though manual paper removes rise and fall to fall in historical spring tide, be in however Teng Chong’s out-of-the-way group head village continues according to old means acting generation. Surname family tree account according to local dragon, the ancestor of the manual artisan copying paper of village of group head new place of business from Hunan ingoing, conclude accordingly dragon is surnamed first ancestor bring papermaking technology new Zhuang Cun, use place’s rich plant fiber raw material, use local materials, according to legend of mouth of for generations hand, follow up to now. The rich environment with rich southwest of another name for Yunnan Province, make rain of attune of new Zhuang Feng suitable, do not have the care of dress warmly and ear one’s fill, villager leisure time is more, because manual papermaking got great progress, drove an agitation that copy paper in place then.

And papermaking of handiwork of village of new place of business is specific only then at when, without exact time record. The Republic of China ” Teng Chong county annals stalks of grain ” : “Person of the Jiangxi at the beginning of Qing Dynasty arrives vacate production white paper, small on the west person (point to small on the west avalokitesvara pond person) learn to get this art, because Feng Ming produces compose skin, also review more this. ” the Feng Ming that here mentions, it is now the stockaded village on the dragon of new Zhuang Cun, Long Zhongzhai is taken. Another kind of view that has need checking card is, dragon surnames first ancestor bright the Lai Dianshu austral Dai Conghu already brought papermaking art when the edge, so that stratocracy official is used when processing is official.

Vacate altogether of strong manual papermaking to have 9 big process, foreword of more than 30 coolie, the paper that makes consequently is fair and clear of primitive simplicity of exquisite, quality of a material, flexibility is strong, paper quality is good.

Period of the Republic of China of clear minor details, the development as local culture economy is flourishing, teng Chong becomes the center of culture of southwest of another name for Yunnan Province gradually. During war of resistance against aggression, a person of academic or artistic distinction of painting and calligraphy of rice paper of large quantities of outback habitually use avoids disaster is southwest, paper of handiwork of use Teng Chong undertakes creating, give height of this kind of paper the opinion. Respecting this, little vessel and everybody share an interesting small episode: By 1941, xu Beihong’s Great Master from southeast Asia by way of Teng Chong homecoming when, ever bought 3 Teng Xuan designedly, the person that draw to praises say: Teng Xuan has head drain not only (announce wall paper) a variety of good qualities, and the profit that still place of one build announce does not have: The others after making a picture cannot be uncovered secretly.

In the past, the papermaking craft of new Zhuang Cun is passed male do not pass female, pass inside outside be not being passed, general with door the production that has manual mill type for the unit. After reforming and opening, inheritance means is more free, the craft that copy paper got restore and developing. And dragon surname woman is married this village not of the same surname, also can take skill the past.

Current, the papermaking other people of new Zhuang Cun has 276, the basic technology of each papermaking in stockaded village agrees basically, not repellent transmission and communication. It is besides basic technology, every other people has his hang and result again, of local person for ” prescription ” . “Prescription ” the paper quality that good imitation comes out is good, win public praise, sales volume is large also. Interesting is, “Prescription ” although do not eliminate be on speaking terms consanguineous perhaps the circumstance that communicates each other between close family, but to village alien it is confidential.

Now, a lot of artists vacate strong paper to undertake cooperative. On the design, pass with the stylist, collaboration with the university, begin to designing a respect to obtain a breakthrough, make the lamp small cup that contains lithe and graceful tactility, jotter; Create even give a kind of new paper — paper of violet bine Ze Lan. In addition, teng Chong paper is returned in order to travel a variety of forms such as things of souvenir, painting and calligraphy, custom-built paper, craft paper present social masses

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