2012 China enterprise 500 strong in have 7 paper look forward to

Announced recently 500 strong pop chart of Chinese are medium 2012, 7 papermaking enterprise is selected, among them, build industry of paper of dragon of hair share, nine, morning to cry before paper industry separates a papermaking industry 3.

Selected 500 strong 7 papermaking line of business include 2012 China company build industry of paper of hair share, Jiu Long, morning to cry paper of industry of paper of industry of paper of papermaking of article of paper industry, manage, Hua Tai, sun, Yueyang forest. Look from the rank, except industry of China peaceful paper and Yue Yanglin paper, other company rank drops with what photograph comparing all had different rate last year. Drop with rank of sun paper industry among them most serious, drop from 332 of last year 384, dropped 52 places.