Point source pollution of aid peaceful industry administers the dialog of project of two great life

According to stage of Shandong broadcasting television ” Shandong news ” reported on August 5, polluting serious papermaking line of business is for a time south the lifeline of city of along the line of water north tone, but south water quality of water north air also is a vital lifeline. Between two lifeline accept or reject in the process, shandong takes the law, administration, step such as the market, drive papermaking enterprise to close to stop and turn not only, broken solution pollutes difficult problem, return give somebody a new lease on life new system of industry of a contemporary papermaking.

(reporter spot) [“ asks canal if Na Deqing makes ” report group come to section of brake of red flag of upper reaches of aid Ning Sihe today, this river is south the ground of important fountainhead supply that water north moves. In the spot we see, although platoons of many industrial waste water enter this river, but river water is very clear. ]

Good water quality cannot leave to be treated strictly corrupt measure. China gold group is enterprise of a large papermaking of local, the liquid waste that also is Si river upper reaches discharges large family. To treat corrupt, the enterprise improves manufacturing technology from fountainhead, buy treat corrupt equipment, formed a complete cleanness to produce chain, chroma of COD of platoon liquid waste falls to rise 50 milligram to every outside, far under south water north attune discharges a standard.

Xing Dongshang of president of limited company of group of Shandong China gold: [we treat environmental protection as from beginning to end life project will catch, throw the 20 % of profit every year to environmental protection, to at present we had been thrown 4. 3 100 million, realized liquid waste to be stabilized all the year round amount to mark. ]

According to detecting, si river COD maintains all the year round now rise in 18 milligram the following. In the past, coastal papermaking enterprise is numerous, river water is polluted for a time serious. These enterprises are the economic lifeblood of each prefectural areas, should treat corrupt the courage that must hero breaks wrist.

Mengqing of deputy section chief of prevention and cure of pollution of bureau of environmental protection of aid peaceful city and lash-up management division is loose: [for south the water quality that water north moves, we issue the biggest determination, us the straw pulp product line of 14 papermaking enterprise was shut entirely. ]

While with administration the method is shut compulsively, shandong established standard of Home Yan Yuguo the local blowdown standard of 4 times, force papermaking enterprise undertakes superior bad discard. 10 years, save enterprise of many 700 papermaking to remain 24 only completely, and aid peaceful city is remained only include China gold group inside enterprise of two large papermaking. Industry measure decreased, competition ability is stronger instead.

Mengqing of deputy section chief of prevention and cure of pollution of bureau of environmental protection of aid peaceful city and lash-up management division is loose: [did not pollute, we what this industry grows however instead is faster. You resemble sun paper industry already two tons scale of production, china gold also is to going straight towards million ton target, so whole industry from production value, crop, produced the change of world-shaking. ]

Industrial pollution gets complete processing, a clear water melt melt east line life project emerges move rise, system of another contemporary papermaking industry that is a mark with economy of clean manufacturing cycle is become again coastal new economic lifeline. From 2002 9 years to 2011, along the line of tone of north of the water austral province administer assesses index of acerbity salt of tall manganese of section water quality and ammoniac nitrogen chroma 22 times year all improve 12. 7 % and 21. 2 % ; And GDP of county of city of along the line year all grow 18. 2 % .