Committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference appeals to the standard that pack sells to treat plastic pollution outside be being made as soon as possible

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Move move finger, cate is excellent. Now nowadays, the flying growth of the industry sells outside the network, facilitated greatly of people eat, fill full the stomach of people, made more plastic waste product on certain level again however. Just meet two meetings hold the whole nation, many delegate committee member sells rubbish to handle special attention external. Yesterday, the citizen calls common people of “ of our newspaper column to ask in succession politics ” , rubbish sells the issue outside discussing.
Live in Chinese mouth ancient cropland stay Chinese undergraduate Mr Gu is an office worker, also be outside those who sell is faithful embrace wholesale. Because the job is busy, he often misses have dinner time, sell outside became best option, occasionally a day of 3 eat are outside sell.
Mr Gu says, did not care about before, the issue of rubbish sells outside seeing this from news, he just realizes, below metropolis bequeath one caboodle sells rubbish outside be being nodded everyday. Think carefully, come down one year, he has been usedPlastic packThe amount is amazing.
Citizen neat gentleman runs a northeast restaurant in Xu Dong. He introduces, chinese meal is mostly oily Shang Shui is much, much, paper tableware is soaked easily, be out of shape, the member that outside be being added, sell sends sell outside much portion, easy extruding causes leak, cause the dissatisfaction of the user, general meeting is used plastic pack. Still having a main reason is, relatively paper tableware, plastic tableware cost wants left and right sides of small in part. Reporter grandson laughs at a day
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Sell after all outside is there much fire? Last year, according to home the data that platform sells to announce outside 3 famous Internet shows, 3 order of day of platform whole nation sells to be in about outside the home 20 million sheet. Order sells discovery outside environmental protection organization ever analysed 100, sell on average outside every sheet can use up box of 3.27 one-time plastic eat / cup. This is meant, at present Chinese Internet orders eat platform to go up, the plastic eat case that uses everyday exceeds 60 million.
The reporter understands, those who send eat to use sell outsidePolybag, plastic tableware, plastic outer packing, belong to plastic rubbish. Bases is Airless Paint Sprayer, polypropylene, all be cannot of degradation common and plastic.
“ sold an industry to had made a big industry outside nowadays. ” lives Gong Sheng of committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of whole nation of another name for Hubei province gives birth to what meal sells line of business outside suggesting the government should be made as soon as possible to pack a standard, to outside sell pack what do not amount to mark, be recruited collects fixed environmental cost fee, enterprise or cleanness of individual choice environmental protection sell outside supervising and urge outside sell pack, reduce the harm to the environment.
In addition, wang Gonggong of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference suggests, packing sells to use legislation circularly outside answering to be driven as soon as possible, to produce and using a company of packing, the responsibility with gift due, the output according to them and use quantity, the capital with regular pay, the circulation that uses these fund at packing next uses processing.