Presswork how does electric business walk out of predicament? Change current situation?

Presswork how does electric business walk out of predicament? Change current situation?
1, industry trend: Accord with the development of big trend, at present new retail had taken a line, presswork the industry also can follow tide, produce the advantage of the group below the line;
2, oneself advantage: Combinative oneself develops the current situation, produce oneself advantage adequately. If oneself have,presswork of factory and worker, can reduce cost, but assure a client quantity;
3, product innovation and characteristic: Presswork the product of the industry besides common category, whether to still put the form of big other, this should link the demand of the industry, combine what the enterprise of demand has a product to update the design with characteristic;
4, the union of science and technology and product: For instance 3D kind presswork make, the application of VR, method of applied science and technology optimizes the flow that communicates between product and user, simplify the workload that its serve personnel;
5, exploration seeks profits newly photograph of characteristic of the product below mode is united in wedlock: The experience that for instance the line plays a retailing shop, join in chain;
6, the company is integrated of ability strengthen: Increase enterprise oneself to the product, supply the respect capacity such as catenary, flow, operation;
7, advocate green to presswork: Had implemented this one concept, presswork foreground of course of study of electric trading company still very good!
In working life, we can be contacted everyday presswork goods, arrive from book, calling card, bill pack, BillboardEtc. Develop as socioeconomy, presswork the demand of goods also grows day and day. Maintain presswork this industry, the biggest suffer numerous should be small small company, they wait for respect demand in DM, conduct propaganda book, advertisement, calling card all the time very stable. Can many people think, now Internet times, gregarious tool is so convenient, who can still presswork these products? Actually otherwise.
For the classification from presswork, the seal of power that general authority place says is brushed, show odd Zhang Xuan passes odd, calling card, an album of paintings namely, Do not do glue, letter paper of card of the box that pack, carbon that do not have carbon, PVC, portable bag, envelope, odd piece series presswork, and small presswork we call graph article to imprint quickly commonly, commonly black and white duplicate, color is printed, cookbook of output of attempt of scanning file, project is made, bound X exhibits book of mark of photo spray paint, text frameYi LabaoThe business such as personalized design, it is grain custom-built kind. This is to connect general reason condition to fall, and presswork greatly now kind product, can be in at present particle of graph article inn is custom-built, and demand is very big. Say so, although enter information period, presswork goods market as before very capacious.
In addition, the basis predicts, prospective our country will replace the United States to make the packing market with the biggest whole world. The packing market that is base material with paper and chipboard will have remarkable growth, lifestyle of this pair of people, can develop continuously and reclaim circularly use, technical progress is having positive drive effect.
Pressworking so this kind in, return very large development space, pack especially kind presswork. And confront a client directly presswork electric business, can saying is technological process of trade of electric trading company the most complex and trival, the most meticulous trade that experiences with the client communication frequency is most.
Why to say so, because be in this industry, the kind that the client needs to presswork to must want to have his above all stalks of grain, and must communicate customer service what stalk of grain without appearance to let its help again arrange professional design, whole technological process is communicated come down, can say to overturn the communication frequency of course of study of electric trading company second. Still having is content shedding respect, depend on whole presswork the finishing time of flow, not be finished product sends content to flow to be able to be finished directly trade.
Presswork in the communication process of electric business customer service and client, included content is too much, for instance number of paper type, gram, amount, cut into parts cut, whether to design, whether the choice of the gram number of whether stencil, self-invited draft, paper, binding kind is waited a moment, involve square respect area. So the innovation of relative technical development ability and product and design ability are the pain spot with this the largest trade.
Accordingly, this industry needs to do thing of sex of a standard, let an user have unified level, course of study of to give way has to measure way unifiedly. Be aimed at electric business especially I should be in this discharge its dimension is spent include shipment rate, quality, service, norms, capable person the respect such as qualitative, craft undertakes deep ploughing, add the innovation sex of the efficient sex of the service and product, believe future can have very great progress.