What note model to shape precision of craft influence product?

In production certain measure asks to compare accurate important note model when, every the range that dimension permits to fluctuate is very small, ask only 9 wave motion is measured even.
In producing a course, normally the influence notes model the main factor of dimension precision, it is to note model shrinkage. Shrinkage is bigger, precision is poorer. Accordingly, because PP makings and POM makings note model shrinkage is very big, their note model precision is differred quite normally is this primary on purpose. And the shrinkage of other material also is not very small normally, note model so dimension precision is not very tall below the condition noting model in general convention.
Can be reduced actually through air plane note model shrinkage, achieve thereby rise note model the purpose of dimension precision. We need to increase to shoot glue or keep the time that approach and pressure greatly only, can make note model contractive quantity gets decreasing, shrinkage is reduced apparently, dimension precision nature can get rising.
As a result ofRecord model machineThe limitation of quality, the pressure that shoots glue cannot be moved too high commonly, approve in great quantities with respect to meeting generation otherwise sharp edge. Accordingly, be in commonly used common on the machine that note model, still basically be support increases to shoot glue or protect the time that approach to achieve rise note model the purpose of dimension precision.
Note model to ensure dimension precision, the precision of the mould is the requirement that needs to assure above all, and the choice is stabilized reliable (parameter wave motion is not big) , it is more important that a future life of the engine that note model is produced.
A few high accuracy of modern new development record model machine, actual it is precision of some of function stability, parameter extremely high maximum pressure records model machine. According to introducing, its note model shrinkage can think almost 0, note model to come out every time that is to say dimension is mixed almost model the measure of antrum is euqally chief, fluctuant limits is controlled one tiny bit only, precision it may be said is extremely tall.