2018 Changzhou are versed in rich can open act grandly on May 18

Exposition of equipment of industry of international of the 6th 2018 Changzhou will in May 2018 18-20 day is in international of Changzhou Xi Taihu reads extensively the center is held grandly, more than 600 exhibit business to will be in of 45000 square metre exhibit the newest product that they show inside the house and innovation technology. Depending on a government support energetically, congress exhibits the name to exhibit meeting organization experience richly, international of Changzhou Xi Taihu reads extensively the field with advantageous center establishment, and the activity of the corresponding period of rich and colorful, exposition of equipment of industry of international of the 6th 2018 Changzhou is sure to make the bridge of join market and user.

Changzhou wisdom is built, equipment China, what Changzhou is versed in rich can pass 5 years is elaborate breed, already developed to save dimensions for Jiangsu the industry distinguished gathering with the biggest, best effect, exhibit can set machine tool and intelligence to make a technology exhibit in all, industrial automation and robot are exhibited, laser cut and solder equipment is exhibited, section of Chinese cutting tool 4 exhibit an area greatly, exhibit the leader care that can get various government sector and guild and support, at the appointed time, participate in the numerous brand that draws 18 countries and district, market of area of garden of each big guild, industry, Electromechanical is organized in succession purchase a group to be arrived at now purchase.

Current exhibit meeting United States billow of gram of conspicuous of Ha Si, United States Ha Ting, United States, Germany, north on ferry of one big lean close to, Japan, Japanese 0M, Xi Tiecheng, big a group of things with common features star of eye of laser, sea, contemporary power inferior, Shenyang machine tool, Taiwan, bring advanced equipment and technology to be the same as stage athletics, the affiliation that big shop sign postpones business promoted Changzhou to be versed in rich is met in the industry famous degree. 5 years in the past, china (Changzhou) equipment exposition development is rapid and international industry is stable. As Changzhou only international industry equipment is exhibited, it attracted numerous industry big wrist already successfully. The industry position that this indicated to Changzhou is versed in rich is met not only is promoting ceaselessly, the huge market that also showed manufacturing industry of equipment of Changzhou high end needs sue for peace to expand latent capacity.

In May 2018 18-20 day, in beauty on the west too lakefront, many 600 China and foreign countries is famous the brand assembles in Long Cheng, industry regale, wonderful confused is shown, not allow to miss.

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