2019CME machine tool is exhibited luxuriant return, made an appointment with you in March!

East wind blows warm Lou Jiangshu, 3 thoroughfare 9 road coagulate aerosol.

As 2019 open machine tool of year of big beautiful ——2019CME to exhibit will on Feburary 26, 2019 – on March 1, in Shanghai rainbow bridge the country can exhibit a center to kick off grandly. It is used wide amount to 90, the field of 762 ㎡ approves a batch outstanding machine tool to be shown in the masses centrally at the moment, at the appointed time, predicting ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be as high as 1000, predicting ginseng exhibits an audience to be as high as 100, 000 person-time.

The word of ” of “ grandchildren strategics changes promotion strategy

Whether to feel ability not equal to one’s ambition to brand promotion, one person alone cannot saving the situation? Irrespective, we help you solve.

Through the brains storm of the professional technology group of 80 people, we are made gave a brand to popularize promotion of market of digitlization of grandchildren strategics —— is politic. This politic arms parts a way, all the way, professional group is run from the line, use “ to search engine + new media + of industry media ” enclothe in the round, execute area and crowd directional, whole trench essence allows to put in.

The 2nd, many 50 guild and company of manufacturing industry group are organized to form a delegation below the line visiting;

Establish in long triangle area large and outdoors advertisement of tall artillery piece, look up, look at you into the heart.

Besides, current exhibit still can roll out strategic client custom-built change sale service. If you are not satisfied at digitlizing the market to popularize strategy, so might as well the strategic collaboration plan that adds us, brand of collective executive “ is popularized + the activity is engineered + the user is directional invite those who make an appointment with ” is custom-built turn sale.

Be in additionally exhibit meeting site, we are in wide amount to 90, the field of 762 ㎡ still established many billboard, piece piece it is the position with the more stream of people after the course is calculated. Your arena, will make by us, each of the spot exhibit a technology that can let exhibit business to show his adequately and product.

Cowboy Girl Weaver gets together one year, CME and your first phase a little while

China is big country of consumption of global machine tool, it is big country of machine tool production likewise, the industry analyses data to show, 2017-2022 year, machine tool of Chinese numerical control increases those who maintain 10%-12% rate, to 2022, the market dimensions of industry of numerical control machine tool will break through 500 billion yuan.

And the economic center city that Shanghai is China and the mainest industry base, also be center of innovation of international economy, finance, commerce, shipping, science and technology, have the economic commerce radiant emitance of globalization. 2019CME machine tool is exhibited as professional more powerful machine tool is exhibited meeting, coming round to join the audience that exhibit is the professional personage inside each domains, held support of the people of climate favourable geographical position adequately.

Cowboy Girl Weaver gets together one year, CME and your first phase a little while.

No matter be right,the audience still postpones business and character, this is god-given market extends a scope, alleged friend is numerous, the bosom friend is begged hard, in exhibit on the meeting, you can encounter the professional personage of course of study of numerous person of the same trade, might as well green plum boils wine, in all major issue of commercial firm trade.

Had affirmed the eyes, I encounter right machine tool

“ is exhibited that meeting I am impressive to you, the eye because of your that major

That is exhibited meet me to you cannot dismiss from one’s mind, because of you that outstanding machine tool ”

One exhibit well meeting, what is measuring index importantly? That is professional! Be professional! Be professional! The scintilla of technology of of all kinds front collides, still can have an expert airborne give lessons.

To can satisfy every CME machine tool to exhibit the audience is mixed those who postpone business is professional demand, exhibit business side, the two tactics below the line on our line is caught, the user is rolled out on the line online sign up, make an appointment brand, make an appointment coupon, ask for electronic entrance ticket. System of call of intelligence of 300 attend a banquet is established below the line at the same time, demand of man-to-man nucleus solid user.

We establish audience respect the CME“ on the line looks for supplier ” to make an appointment, adviser of decision-making; professional customer service makes fast intention; of butt joint of man-to-man user demand is optimized divisional cloth is exhibited below the line, let postpone business to the audience professional eye feels be at ease, let an user ramble exhibit more convenient, can the relaxed and fast equipment that finds oneself to admire in the heart.

Make I am in “ exhibit look for is searched to look for in the house, it is “ suddenly turn one’s head to encounter right machine tool ” to transform only, that machine tool is in nearby ” .

Let a hundred flowers blossom, brand of global machine tool gathers together Hua Dong

Saying so much can not be boast absolutely, do not believe select a dried food to you! Whatever industry is having the presence of a few vane, their every act is being paid close attention to closely by whole industry, their direction can lay the progress of the industry basically. And the vane of machine tool industry people, regard company emphasis as to develop the market Hua Dong area in succession.

Right, like Japan 3 water chestnut, Japan Mu Ye, Japan rivers bend greatly, on ferry of Japanese north village, Japan, name of Japanese Xi Tiecheng, Japan Ha Ting of Gu Wu, United States, Korea is contemporary power inferior, Korea fights hill, Korea because actor ability is special, .

The view of acme exhibits an experience, do our small princess

To the actor, the behind the curtain before the stage adds up, it is whole life.

To our country machine, the behind the curtain before the stage adds up, it is whole China manufacturing industry.

Often before people sees a table only, do not see a behind the curtain. And we are willing, show this behind the curtain you with the best way. Current exhibit meet us still be acted on it is with the person this first heart, the view that makes acme for you exhibits an experience.

Current exhibit meet us still be acted on it is with the person this first heart, the view that makes acme for you exhibits an experience. Every exhibition hall can install tea rest service office, present audience can avoid cost carouse coffee, heat up tea, provide the service such as free volume blood pressure. Does afraid view exhibit midway mobile phone to do not have report? Irrespective, we have charge heart to heart serve, regular meeting lets you send favorite machine into the mobile phone, give you the sense of guests feel at home.

“ since 2019CME machine tool exhibited action business to start May, mere the time of a month already! Be over! Into! ! 85% ! , it is OK to predict to be in August end wave! ” so, the boss that still is choosing the place should clutch decided, good place differs whether should person; still join the boss that exhibits CME not to hesitate in the decision, the result should enter, what why to let ” of the fate brings lovers together of this paragraph of “ become is a bit earlier; still is in wait-and-see the boss that should choose what means to show product skill, do not miss CME please price of this individual character compares top choice!

On Feburary 26, 2019 – on March 1, 2019CME machine tool exhibits what can exhibit a center to await you in the country to arrive at look around!

(Be over)