Hanjiang tool development gives grinding machine of edge of hob of large numerical control

Grinding machine of country’s at present biggest edge of numerical control hob provided equipment of finite liability company to make limited company be developed successfully by labour of Qin Chuan Hanjiang recently, distinguish a works via cutting tool of this company gear hobbing the use of 4 many months, each technology index is eligible, face of the blade before hob machines precision stability to achieve requirement of GB AA class.

Exceed big modulus hob to produce difficult problem to solve, hanjiang tool equipment made limited company development develop grinding machine of edge of hob of this HGM6458CNC numerical control. It is reported, motion of compensation of nap of reciprocate of workbench of this machine tool, emery wheel, wheelhead locking motion all is numerical control linkage. But grinding hob is the biggest the diameter is 580mm, the biggest grind deepness to amount to 135mm, length of the biggest grinding is 800mm, above technology index all belongs to initiate in home.

This, the development that edge of hob of HGM6458CNC numerical control grinds is successful, for Hanjiang tool equipment production limited company will develop norms henceforth bigger, the numerical control cutting tool with taller precision made private plane lay solid foundation.