Sorching summer, has your machine tool maintained?

Summer arrived, has your machine tool maintained? In ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” (small beacon problem is: ” the machine tool is so valuable, the environment cannot be differred! Both hands is acted according to on manual of machine tool environment and summer maintain strategy! ” ) after one article is rolled out, many enthusiastic netizens keep make peace small make up communication, among them a netizen leaves a message proposal, the hope is little make up can in more detail introduces, how to reach the particular way that environment of machine tool ideal and summer machine tool maintain.

Before small make up in ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” the 2nd play ” the workshop environment that how creates job of appropriate machine tool ” , introduced a few kinds of commonly used ways that retain workshop environment in detail. Roll out this series today last play, the hope is in sorching summer, can help a machine tool use manufacturer to safeguard a machine tool better.

Why should summer notice the machine tool maintains?

Mention in before this series two articles, the machine tool regards a kind of accurate treatment as the machine, taller to the index requirement such as the temperature in external environment, humidity, dust. Especially a few high-grade numerical control machine tools, if external environment is unqualified, run generation influence probably normally to the machine tool. And summerly sky enrages damp and hot, especially our country southern region, suffer climate of temperate zone monsoon to affect, temperature change is big, humidity is high, it is very adverse to machine tool conserve.

Cite a case, very much now the machine tool provides the Xi Menzi, system that delivers that division. And the Xi Menzi, system that delivers that division is more expensive to environmental requirement, the fan that hot type comes loose outside the system is easy by grey, smeary locked-rotor, and summertime high temperature causes damage of power source drive extremely easily after locked-rotor.

whole, the conserve that summer needs to take care a machine tool all the more works, special need notices to prevent high temperature and moistureproof at 2 o’clock.

Summer machine tool prevents high temperature

Drop in temperature besides convention outside means, to a few special machine tools, still need to deploy a few drop in temperature technically device. Can execute at that time local drop in temperature plan. If outfit air conditioning, fan is added around the machine tool, deploy air cooling machine and cold water machine to wait. The additionally a few machine tools of refrigeration machine need to install refrigeration machine temperature afresh, in order to reach treatment level.

Here small make up emphasize, machine tool environment drops in temperature and machine tool interior drops in temperature should pay equal attention to. It is OK to there are a few machine tools to use manufacturer to often think to undertake dropping in temperature alone to the machine tool in be operated actually, this kind of idea is wrong. In fact, skimble-scamble meeting brings environmental temperature and machine tool temperature to be endangered badly. Temperature of machine tool interior is low and environmental temperature is high, if silk of don’t go yet is this kind in working fluid,the machine tool that has machining produces a large number of water extremely easily to coagulate gas, bring about component to rust. Additional, in fluid of job of condenser water interfuse, also can affect treatment result.

Summer machine tool is moistureproof

Summer machine tool is moistureproof cent pace, one pace is a machine tool exterior and moistureproof, one pace is machine tool interior moistureproof.

The machine tool is exterior and moistureproof basically make the big environment with a reasonable humidity namely. The working environment relative humidity of common machine tool is in 80% be qualification below. But the air humidity of southern region is in summer generally 90% above, undertake workshop dehumidify with respect to need at that time. General, drop in temperature commonly usedly plan can achieve certain dehumidify result. But if humidity is higher still, that provides professional dehumidify facility additionally with respect to need, be like dehumidify machine. Many workshops that serve business to offer a complete set of drop in temperature now dehumidify plan, conditional manufacturer can undertake to the workshop whole is transformed. Additional, workshop staff member needs to notice the door of lock storehouse and workshop, window at ordinary times, shut Chaona and southeast especially (uptake) , prevent damp to enter indoor. If need ventilated and OK afternoon or towards evening, window of north having day opens appropriately when climate is relatively dry.

The in-house and moistureproof key of the machine tool depends on check and be being safeguarded. Include fluid, oil kind (fluid of engine oil, cutting, cooling fluid) the examination changes the dirt of fan of the examination; of all kinds system of; electrified wire netting, jumper, circuit element, exhaust accumulates circumstance examination to wait. Summer to be warm, the material such as the fluid with commonly used machine tool, oil allows easy metamorphism, damp weather lets dirt adhesion easily also, produce circuit breakdown. Check to the platoon of this respect so must more careful.

In safeguard a respect, the machine tool can achieve moistureproof goal through moving. If be in numerical control lathe is unused need not when, often give numerical control system electrify, below the circumstance that chains in the machine tool, run its for nothing. In air humidity bigger plum rains is seasonal every day electrify, use itself of electric equipment component calorific drive takes the moisture in the air inside numerical control ark, in order to make sure the function of electronic component is stable and reliable. Anyhow, much attention checks the position that moist air of machine tool easy be affected with damp be affected with damp affects, had done ahead of schedule change and clear the job, again provoking summer also is not anxious.

Maintain about machine tool summer did you understand those things? If you have more proposals or idea, the welcome leaves a message and small make up communication.

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