With all possible means force volley force, major buys the home to get together Zhengzhou international machine tool is exhibited!

Machine tool of international of the 14th 2018 Zhengzhou is exhibited, since flutter, in the achievement that exhibited a sale respect to obtain pride making a person, end Zhengzhou international exhibition center is at present indoor exhibit house general to be about to make work empty, exhibit meeting heat to warm up ceaselessly.

Zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits an organizing committee to be promotion broad the ginseng that postpone business exhibits value, let participator realize the results with one times multiple investment. Use new systematization thinking way and working concept thereby, come integrated market is split resource, select unit of high grade collaboration, organization and harmonious agglomeration become a big platform, make mid area have the machine tool grand meeting of consequence most in tandem.

Thorough industry group is promoted form a delegation look around

Exhibit meeting major, the audience is one big field, zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits organizing committee course to be as long as the time of half an year is thorough area of 68 industries assemble, visit garden area company, transmission exhibits meeting information, deliver exhibit meeting value, know enterprise purchases demand, increase form a delegation look around invite make an appointment with strength, rise form a delegation visiting allowance strength, invite make an appointment with essence of life to buy the home to attend a meeting definitely look around.

The course is visited ceaselessly, organizing committee success and Zhengzhou are new and high area of area of technical industry assemble, assemble of Zhengzhou economy industry, Zhengzhou airport area of assemble of Bai Sha industry of city of area, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou goes into the street city of area of assemble of industry of petrifaction of city of area of assemble of equipment production industry, Luoyang, Luoyang is advanced manufacturing industry, buy major of the composition inside constituent garden area a machine tool of international of round visiting Zhengzhou to exhibit at the appointed time.

Promotion of associated society natural resources exhibits meeting quality

The organizing committee passes a telephone call, visit wait for a form, association of mechanization of farming of province of guild of car of province of production association of equipment of association of mechanical business management of success and association of Chinese communication industry, Heibei mechanical guild, Heibei, Henan, Henan, Henan, Henan saves informatization of association of appearance of instrument of guild of medical apparatus and instruments, Henan, Zhengzhou to promote guild of bearing of meeting, Luoyang, bearing talking about a city. Sponsor just will cooperate with society natural resources is invited jointly make an appointment with industry audience, channel of further spread wide audience.

Cooperative media resource pushs progress to be able to be publicized

The organizing committee passes pair of media to choose, achieve 105 media cooperation, media involves: Media of media of major of machine tool domain, user domain major, meeting exhibits domain major media, public media, implementation exhibits meeting information much angle, all-around exposure. Zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits an organizing committee to be applied actively still from media platform, add up to operation head platform of date of date of date, big fish date, penguin date, a bit date, Netease, Sohu date, phoenix date, a hunderd schools. From media Zhang date only two months of time read a quantity to all had been amounted to 10 thousand, the transmission that exhibits meeting information also comes true while further expansion exhibits meeting media matrix.

Comb audience data to understand audience requirement

Zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits the group that enrol business, exhibit meeting end from 2017 open newest round data updates: Cleared and obsolete data, group of industry of real time complement adds data newly, ensure the audience counts the effectiveness that occupy. End at present till group of trade of organizing committee action finished a car component and make 11563, machining and make 12365, 3C electron 15325, the engineering is mechanical 8765, mine is mechanical 7653, medical apparatus and instruments 5673, have heavy facility 15673, the mould is machined 3785, construction machinery 9756, food is mechanical 3563, agricultural machinery. Establish and join mid region manufacturing industry small letter group 300 beyond, annual follow-up, mining demand, real time holds mid manufacturing industry newest trends.

Establish 50 people to enrol business call group, be as long as in March time, man-to-man essence is invited definitely make an appointment with mid area to buy a group, ensure exhibit quality of meeting site audience.

The activity below wonderful line realizes little scope to match

The organizing committee is aimed at individualize the enterprise of demand, exhibit can undertake essence of life allows couplet friendship, butt joint, each other to connect below exterior line of 3 days. Gain of 2018 Zhengzhou industry meets the sea name that gave priority to a problem on January 31, 2017 the group visits and industry communication meets Henan machine tool to found a state at Zhengzhou restaurant is held smoothly, representing of media of alliance of tall canal of domain of delegate of delegates of nearly 400 machine tool enterprise that come from countrywide each district, industrial automation domain, agency delegate, user, association, mainstream attend this meeting. This second conference realized machine tool manufacturer and Henan agency butt joint, user enterprise represents the group that buy the home and butt joint of the group that postpone business, information took each other to connect, exhibit the conference is professional get broad ginseng is met of personnel approbate.

Promotion exhibits meeting service to make mid machine tool be exhibited greatly

Machine tool of 2018 Zhengzhou international is exhibited will in June 1-3 day is held grandly at Zhengzhou international exhibition center, at the appointed time the organizing committee will upgrade entrance guard system, improve the efficiency that install check, ensure professional audience enters quickly. Select business of high grade collaboration, assure to exhibit build the safety that flows with product content and efficiency. Mid make, elegance and talent luxuriant, zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits the arrival that welcomes you!

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