Long-term use of plastic cup can cause cancer

Long-term use of plastic cups, please expert advice carcinogenic cup once appear crack will change in time & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cups can be seen everywhere in life, although the plastic water bottle is convenient to carry, but tend to make people and toxic substances.Some plastic cups listed as one of the four kinds of cancer-causing water glass, it is suggested that the bottom of the greater the number, said the cup the more security.”Is it true that” today, we invite to food experts in plastic products for you to identify these rumors true or false.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;A witness: our reporter Wen-xian li & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Verification experts: jia-qi Chen (national food contact materials and products standardization technical committee plastic products technical committee secretary general) & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cups hold boiling water will release toxic substances?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;If it is accord with a standard (national food safety standards and quality standards) of plastic cups, there is no problem in boiling water.But from the plastic characteristics, plastic cups or more suitable for low temperature of the liquid.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cup (bottle) there is a triangle sign below, there are different Numbers.Said that the larger the number said the online security, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;According to the national standard GB\/T16288-2008 “plastic products marked” regulation, the bottom number is the representation of a material, such as 01 is PET (polyethylene terephthalate), common water bottles are made of the material container.05 number is PP (polypropylene), used to make more films and microwave oven with food containers, etc.We recommend using this identification, mainly for recycling, has nothing to do with security.GB\/T16288 now listed code has 140 kinds, some material is seldom used as food contact materials, but also can be recycled.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bisphenol A is said to be widely used in the plastic cup (bottle) of A component, long-term use of bisphenol A plastic cup to cause cancer, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bisphenol A (bpa) mainly exist in the polycarbonate (PC) material, is not widely used in the plastic cup.Containing or can decompose A bisphenol A plastic cup, the harm to infants and young children will have certain, China’s laws and regulations in some countries ban bisphenol A is used for babies and infants food containers (e.g., bottles).As for adults have effects and long-term use of bisphenol A plastic cup will cause cancer, the industry remains controversial.All bottles need boiling water disinfection, conform to the standard of PP plastic bottles such as high temperature disinfection is no problem.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;It is said that color plastic cup contain more harmful substances, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Cannot treat as the same, standard color plastic cup is no problem.Basic is a colorless, white or the color of the plastic itself a little bit yellow, color is added, add something if do not conform to the regulations and standards, may contain harmful substances.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Thick plastic cup is better than a thin, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;If what we mean by “good” only refers to the more conducive to food safety, thick plastic cup is not necessarily better than thin.Thickness is according to the using demand to make.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Mineral water bottles of cooking oil, can release carcinogens DEHP, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Most of water bottles are using polyethylene terephthalate, is no. 01 material, do not need to join the DEHP in the process.But why put after cooking oil, can have the DEHP test results, the reason for this is very complicated.DEHP is widely used because it is over, not sure in which link out the problem.DEHP itself is oil soluble, if there are DEHP in water bottles, filling the easier than when the water is released.So suggest don’t use mineral water bottles of cooking oil.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Glass and ceramic cup is said to be the most safe, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cup is easy to appear problem is organic and heavy metal exceeds bid, glass and ceramic cup is prone to the problem of heavy metal exceeds bid.Particular glittering and translucent and transparent glass is specially used for art, lead content is very high, is not recommended when the water glass is used.Conform to the standard under the same condition, can only say that the use of glass and ceramic cup than the safety factor of plastic cup.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;In addition to plastic cups, there are rumors that packed boiled milk, drank aluminium poisoning, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Is not necessarily the aluminium poisoning, but doing so is not so good.Preservation of the flexible packaging milk for 3 days and there is no aluminum only plastic material.For a longer shelf life paper\/aluminum\/plastic composite packaging, there is a layer of aluminum, direct contact with milk is also plastic, under normal circumstances will not “aluminium poisoning”.Remind everybody don’t directly put the packaging of milk in the microwave, could derail the packaging, harmful to human health.And from a health point of view, after the pasteurized milk can drink, directly heated will destroy its nutrition.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;On prompt & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Try to buy plastic water bottle with QS logo.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;As far as possible to the big stores of choose and buy famous brand products.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Don’t choose bad breath, the glass has a sharp existence prominent products.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Special remind, if plastic cup with long time, there was a small crack, to timely replacement.Because these small crack said plastic cup material has begun to decompose, easy to release small molecules, and microbial breeding ground for small crack, is not conducive to health.”Chinese quality newspaper

Shenyang city pledges inspect bureau: 1 batch drinking bucket cover was unqualified detection

三街30号 辽XK16-204-00464 一次性塑料餐饮具450mL2015\/04\/01合格237沈阳市华顺蒸煮包装彩印厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县新民屯镇北三台村辽XK16-204-00068 非复合膜440×0.075mm2015\/04\/05合格238沈阳市华顺蒸煮包装彩印厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县新民屯镇北三台村辽XK16-204-00068 非复合膜468×0.065mm2015\/04\/06合格239沈阳市华顺蒸煮包装彩印厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县新民屯镇北三台村辽XK16-204-00068 PA\/CPP复合袋175×120×0.09mm2015\/04\/06合格240沈阳市华顺蒸煮包装彩印厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县新民屯镇北三台村辽XK16-204-00068 PA\/CPP复合袋235×155×0.075mm2015\/04\/06合格241沈阳爱心实业有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县辽中镇年家屯村利龙源站辽XK16-204-00069 PET无汽饮料瓶550mL2015\/04\/01合格242沈阳华大塑业有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县茨榆坨镇五委辽XK16-204-00090 塑料防盗瓶盖(PE) φ38mm2015\/04\/13合格243沈阳华大塑业有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县茨榆坨镇五委辽XK16-204-00090 PET热罐装瓶1250mL2015\/04\/13合格244沈阳华大塑业有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县茨榆坨镇五委辽XK16-204-00090 PET瓶坯 19g2015\/04\/13合格245辽中县大成塑料包装制品厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县城郊乡龙湾村辽XK16-204-00177 聚乙烯吹塑袋150×240×0.050mm2014\/12\/20合格246辽中县大成塑料包装制品厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县城郊乡龙湾村辽XK16-204-00177 聚乙烯吹塑袋200×320×0.060mm2014\/12\/20合格247辽中县大成塑料包装制品厂辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县城郊乡龙湾村辽XK16-204-00177 聚乙烯吹塑袋330×480×0.080mm2014\/12\/20合格248沈阳市兴忠良塑料包装制品有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县刘二堡镇叔家庵村辽XK16-204-00276 复合编织袋450×110mm 25kg2015\/04\/13合格249沈阳海达塑料制品有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县肖寨门镇妈妈街村辽XK16-204-00459 聚乙烯吹塑桶2.5L2015\/04\/25合格250沈阳海达塑料制品有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县肖寨门镇妈妈街村辽XK16-204-00459 聚乙烯吹塑桶2L2015\/04\/20合格251沈阳海达塑料制品有限公司辽中县辽宁省沈阳市辽中县肖寨门镇妈妈街村辽XK16-204-00459 聚乙烯吹塑桶500mL2015\/04\/20合格252沈阳市祥瑞塑业有限公司康平县辽宁省沈阳市康平经济开发区朝阳堡村辽XK16-204-00340 复合编织袋550×950mm 50kg2015\/06\/10合格253沈阳泰亨塑业有限公司康平县辽宁省沈阳市康平经济开发区朝阳堡村辽XK16-204-00467 塑料编织袋450×750mm 25kg2015\/05\/07合格254沈阳市远鸿塑料制品厂法库县 辽宁省沈阳市法库县大孤家子镇大孤家子村辽XK16-204-00397 PET桶 5L2015\/04\/11合格 The & # 160;The & # 160;

Inventory 2015: these rumors are true or false?

The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Editor’s note & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Even at the end of our launch “inventory 2015” special report, will this year “the smoke perspective” “risk warning” “fun” “is it true that” the content of the four main columns to review and finishing.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;In inventory, we will to re-edit phase content, makes every effort in the shortest, the most concise form, allowing you to hand the quality of the main consumer knowledge, the daily life of let you have more quality.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The microwave & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low microwave radiation is harmful to human body?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Microwave radiation does harm to human body, mainly, the cumulative effect of 3 kinds of heating, electromagnetic effect.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Europe and the United States and other developed countries have not to use the microwave oven?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;According to the national bureau of statistics by the general administration of customs, the export of microwave ovens, according to data from 2014 Chinese exports microwave oven 44.86 million units, a large part is exported to Europe, North America, Australia and other developed countries and regions.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The greater the low as close to the microwave radiation?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Microwave leakage may occur around the door only, and microwave radiation along with the increase of distance decay very quickly.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low radiation limit in China than the international standard “loose”?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;International standards, the normal working state microwave leakage limit of 5 mw\/cm2, abnormal condition, such as empty cavity without food) for 10 mw\/cm2.But our country current national standards, is apart from the external surface of the microwave oven over 50 mm or a little, microwave leakage should be no more than 5 mw\/cm2.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cups & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low boiling water will release toxic plastic water bottle hold?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;There is no question of plastic cup boiling water.But from the plastic characteristics, plastic cups or more suitable for low temperature of the liquid.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low long-term use contain bpa plastic cup cause cancer?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Containing or can break down the bisphenol A plastic cup, for infants and young children will have certain harm.As for adults have effects and long-term use of bisphenol A plastic cup will cause cancer, the industry remains controversial.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low color plastic cup contain more harmful substances?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;In accordance with standard color plastic cup there is no problem.If things do not conform to the regulations and standards, may contain harmful substances.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low mineral water bottled cooking oils can release carcinogens DEHP?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;DEHP itself is oil soluble, if there are DEHP in water bottles, filling the easier than when the water is released.So suggest don’t use mineral water bottles of cooking oil.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Pesticide residues & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Baking soda water soak 2 ~ 3 minutes, pesticide residue in vegetables and fruits can wash out?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Baking soda itself is very weak alkaline, used for pesticide residue in cleaning effect is limited.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Only bug, no insects, insect son was killed in pesticide?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Not according to the surface whether there is a bug or if there is a bug, judge whether the fruits and vegetables pesticide was used.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Most low cucumber pesticide?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Compared with other fruits and vegetables, cucumber has not been much pesticide.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Less use of chemicals on his fruit low growth cycle short?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The pesticide is not to wait for the results of fruit began, have a plenty of in the tree began to start long leaves drug use.As long as the method used according to specified amount, according to regulations, pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables will not bring harm to our health.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low temperature heat can make the decomposition of pesticides?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Adding surfactant in water, high temperature heating can effectively remove residues of pesticides.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Mobile phone chargers & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;* USB interface can really kill?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Qualified phone charger by reinforced insulation or double insulation dangerous voltage circuit (grid power 220 v) and safety voltage output port (USB) isolation, specially for the human body is safe.Using hand or mouth to touch the USB port, while human body impedance which is formed by the hands or mouth to the ground, contact current is slightly different, but are very weak safety current, generally do not get an electric shock damage.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low contact charger USB interface, if feel a slight hemp, whether the leakage?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Primary power 220 v (power grid) to off ground can hit a component output port (USB) maximum contact current 0.25 ma, therefore, qualified charger USB port there is no leakage.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low while charging call is easy to get an electric shock?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;In theory there is no security risk, but phone calls through the instantaneous current is larger, easier to cause the battery charge and discharge frequently, will affect the performance of the battery and charger or life.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low charger fever at work, there is something wrong with the quality?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Electronic products work in a state of normal heating, but poor quality charger, because of its heat-resistant material flame resistance is generally difficult to meet the technical requirements, so there is a security risk.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Fabric & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low “milk”, “day” and “copper ammonia silk” is real silk?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The above are not pure silk, chemical fiber.Generally speaking, the silk is mainly refers to mulberry silk, the tussah silk, processing into a mainly mulberry silk fabrics.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low bamboo fiber, soybean fiber was extracted from bamboo, soybean natural fiber?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bamboo fiber, soybean fiber name is inaccurate.Usually said bamboo fiber includes two kinds: one kind is takehara fiber, is the combination of physical, chemical methods obtained from the bamboo stem fiber, belongs to the natural fiber.Is another kind of bamboo pulp viscose fiber, is through the bamboo into pulp, then made into pulp, then add the other chemicals made of chemical fiber spinning.Soybean fiber soybean protein composite fiber is the standard name, with the pressed oil of soybean meal as raw material, compounded with polyvinyl alcohol or polyacrylonitrile chemical fiber.The current detection method can be effective identification of the fiber.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;”Wash and wear no iron” clothing is with formaldehyde bubble?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;”Wash and wear no iron” clothing mainly has two kinds, one kind is the fabric contains the deformation recovery performance better chemical fiber, such as polyester fiber;Another kind is the fabric after finishing resin finishing agent used in the process of wash and wear.Resin finishing agent containing formaldehyde, such as process control does not reach the designated position, may cause of formaldehyde, but after testing, no formaldehyde content exceeding the standards of clothing, you can rest assured.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Leather & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;”Second skin” “PU leather” “microfiber skin” the several kinds of material are all real leather?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;”Second skin”, “PU leather”, “microfiber skin” is not genuine leather.Says from the material, “second skin” or “split leather” belongs to the natural leather, but it is not the first layer of leather;”PU leather” microfiber leather “, “do not belong to the natural leather.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;”Second skin” section is layered, the first layer of leather?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Take the grain of the hides after open, as “the first layer of leather”, take on the surface of the meat to “split leather” or “second skin”, compared with the grain of the surface, close to meat the thick leather fiber, weaving is relatively loose, but not hierarchical.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low cross grain pipi quality is the best?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Two cross grain and litchi grain leather leather no difference, just according to the need of the appearance and design style, chose different decorative pattern in the process of surface finishing.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low color leather will rub off?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Color leather goods won’t rub off, all affect the use of rub off products, the color fastness performance is likely to be unqualified.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Identify whether the leather, can burn?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Natural leather is the basic component of protein, the taste of combustion would have similar hair.But this method cannot identify all kinds of material, some material is not a “genuine leather”, but contains proteins will be misjudgment, for example, the regenerated leather, materials, adhesion of leather fiber of leather collagen impregnated material, etc.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Home appliance radiation & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Biggest low radiation of hair dryer?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Hair dryer use close distance with the human body, so the hair dryer with electromagnetic radiation will be higher than other home appliances.But this kind of electromagnetic wave frequency is very low, is not nearly so terror, X-ray ionizing radiation threat is limited to the human body.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The router signal is stronger, the greater the radiation?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Router signal quality is not only related to its transmission power, also, coding and modulation mode, multiple antenna technology and so on, and the intensity of radiation more depends on the transmission power, when talking about the signal strength and the relationship between the radiation intensity, should be taken into account.If it is caused by simply increasing the transmission power signal increases, the corresponding radiation intensity will be increased.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low TV remote change channels, radiation will become very big?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;TV remote control at the moment in Taiwan do launch infrared, but due to the low transmission power, remote control launch is short time is completed, the resulting radiation completely negligible.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low computer monitors radiation than positive on the back?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The CRT display computer, on the back of the electromagnetic radiation is likely to outweigh the positive.LCD liquid crystal display, the radiation intensity depends more on the internal electronic components of power and power consumption and the external shielding measures, should not only with the face of positive and negative of computer to determine the size of the radiation.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Gold jewellery & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low gold jewelry to wear over time, will significantly reduce weight?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Gold jewelry to wear after a long time, there will be some wear and tear.But as long as wear, proper care and wear loss of quality (weight) is a trace.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low 24 k gold necklace with a longer period of time, if quality problems?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Gold good ductility and softer, if wearing improper, will lead to longer necklace.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low wear gold jewelry to take a bath to wash your hands, will not cause any effect on the jewelry?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Don’t wear gold jewelry to take a bath to wash your hands.First of all, do it easy damage of jewelry;Second, shampoo, shower gel, etc may and other trace of gold jewelry for metal material produces chemical reaction.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low identify gold on teeth?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bite back teeth marks, the more obvious, the lower the hardness can explain the bite.Other metal materials have low hardness, can be left after the bite teeth, only on teeth mark depth does not make gold purity.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The higher the low purity of the color yellow?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Gold color and the purity is not necessarily relations, some 18 k gold is pure yellow color.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Food additives & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Add “zero” low really more security than the “add”?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Food additives is to improve the food quality and color, aroma, taste, and for the sake of corrosion protection, preservation and processing technology to join in food synthetic or natural substances.”Without adding” slogan “zero to add” is just to cater to consumer psychology management technique.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Canned low, preservative of Trinidad and Tobago in the instant noodles?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Scope of every kind of preservatives were used and maximum usage, also stipulates that the same functional food additives used in mixing, the dosage of each of its maximum amount shall not be more than the sum of the proportion of the rules.Production and processing process of canned food, instant noodles, use food additives such as preservative should also be in accordance with the relevant provisions.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;The less price, the same kinds of food additives, the better quality?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Purpose is to improve the food quality of using food additives and color, aroma, taste, as well as the anticorrosion, the needs of the preservation and processing technology.Each type of food ingredients have the difference, production technology and production of food products quality is not how much to food kinds of additives to determine.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Titanium & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Low titanium coating teflon toxic?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Teflon is a teflon coating of commodity name, teflon coating has good chemical stability.It can not be decomposed in human body, therefore, even if the coating is destroyed, or food into the body, also won’t be absorbed.The & # 160;The & # 160;