Long-term use of plastic cup can cause cancer

Long-term use of plastic cups, please expert advice carcinogenic cup once appear crack will change in time & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cups can be seen everywhere in life, although the plastic water bottle is convenient to carry, but tend to make people and toxic substances.Some plastic cups listed as one of the four kinds of cancer-causing water glass, it is suggested that the bottom of the greater the number, said the cup the more security.”Is it true that” today, we invite to food experts in plastic products for you to identify these rumors true or false.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;A witness: our reporter Wen-xian li & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Verification experts: jia-qi Chen (national food contact materials and products standardization technical committee plastic products technical committee secretary general) & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cups hold boiling water will release toxic substances?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;If it is accord with a standard (national food safety standards and quality standards) of plastic cups, there is no problem in boiling water.But from the plastic characteristics, plastic cups or more suitable for low temperature of the liquid.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cup (bottle) there is a triangle sign below, there are different Numbers.Said that the larger the number said the online security, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;According to the national standard GB\/T16288-2008 “plastic products marked” regulation, the bottom number is the representation of a material, such as 01 is PET (polyethylene terephthalate), common water bottles are made of the material container.05 number is PP (polypropylene), used to make more films and microwave oven with food containers, etc.We recommend using this identification, mainly for recycling, has nothing to do with security.GB\/T16288 now listed code has 140 kinds, some material is seldom used as food contact materials, but also can be recycled.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bisphenol A is said to be widely used in the plastic cup (bottle) of A component, long-term use of bisphenol A plastic cup to cause cancer, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Bisphenol A (bpa) mainly exist in the polycarbonate (PC) material, is not widely used in the plastic cup.Containing or can decompose A bisphenol A plastic cup, the harm to infants and young children will have certain, China’s laws and regulations in some countries ban bisphenol A is used for babies and infants food containers (e.g., bottles).As for adults have effects and long-term use of bisphenol A plastic cup will cause cancer, the industry remains controversial.All bottles need boiling water disinfection, conform to the standard of PP plastic bottles such as high temperature disinfection is no problem.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;It is said that color plastic cup contain more harmful substances, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Cannot treat as the same, standard color plastic cup is no problem.Basic is a colorless, white or the color of the plastic itself a little bit yellow, color is added, add something if do not conform to the regulations and standards, may contain harmful substances.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Thick plastic cup is better than a thin, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;If what we mean by “good” only refers to the more conducive to food safety, thick plastic cup is not necessarily better than thin.Thickness is according to the using demand to make.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Mineral water bottles of cooking oil, can release carcinogens DEHP, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Most of water bottles are using polyethylene terephthalate, is no. 01 material, do not need to join the DEHP in the process.But why put after cooking oil, can have the DEHP test results, the reason for this is very complicated.DEHP is widely used because it is over, not sure in which link out the problem.DEHP itself is oil soluble, if there are DEHP in water bottles, filling the easier than when the water is released.So suggest don’t use mineral water bottles of cooking oil.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Glass and ceramic cup is said to be the most safe, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Plastic cup is easy to appear problem is organic and heavy metal exceeds bid, glass and ceramic cup is prone to the problem of heavy metal exceeds bid.Particular glittering and translucent and transparent glass is specially used for art, lead content is very high, is not recommended when the water glass is used.Conform to the standard under the same condition, can only say that the use of glass and ceramic cup than the safety factor of plastic cup.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;In addition to plastic cups, there are rumors that packed boiled milk, drank aluminium poisoning, is that true?The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Is not necessarily the aluminium poisoning, but doing so is not so good.Preservation of the flexible packaging milk for 3 days and there is no aluminum only plastic material.For a longer shelf life paper\/aluminum\/plastic composite packaging, there is a layer of aluminum, direct contact with milk is also plastic, under normal circumstances will not “aluminium poisoning”.Remind everybody don’t directly put the packaging of milk in the microwave, could derail the packaging, harmful to human health.And from a health point of view, after the pasteurized milk can drink, directly heated will destroy its nutrition.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;On prompt & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Try to buy plastic water bottle with QS logo.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;As far as possible to the big stores of choose and buy famous brand products.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Don’t choose bad breath, the glass has a sharp existence prominent products.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Special remind, if plastic cup with long time, there was a small crack, to timely replacement.Because these small crack said plastic cup material has begun to decompose, easy to release small molecules, and microbial breeding ground for small crack, is not conducive to health.”Chinese quality newspaper