England’s first plastic notes issued no moisture absorption heat resistant easy to clean better security and safety

On March 24, 2015, plastic notes haven’t you seen?Such as haven’t heard also not strange, because in China there is no plastic notes.On December 17, according to the UK’s guardian website reported that Britain plans to issue a new type of plastic money, and plan to was published in 2016, the first five pounds with Churchill faces and money.Well, you didn’t listen to wrong, is a kind of plastic notes, England will be issued and denominations.In fact this is not the first time the global issue of plastic money, before that, a few countries have issued plastic notes, such as Australia, India and other countries.England’s first plastic notes issued this plan will be marked the bank notes the end of history of 320 years.The bank of England is not the creator of the plastic money.The bank of Canada governor mark carney already practice this kind of idea, plastic money is the bank of Canada in circulation.And Australia, plastic money circulation for 20 years already.In February 2014, the government of India in kochi, Mysore, jaipur, bubba Mr Anwar and west’s five cities within the 10 rupees denomination of pilot issue worth 1 billion rupees plastic notes.The selection of pilot cities mainly consider the diversity of local geography and climate.Compare notes, because the plastic notes has the advantages of no absorption of moisture, high temperature resistant, and easy to clean, better security and safety, service life is longer, more environmental protection.In terms of production costs, plastic notes the initial cost is higher, but in the long term because of its service life is longer than the mean lower cost than the paper money.This article source: Chinese commerce intelligence network