Approval of level of state of People’s Republic of China issues announcement 2003 the 9th (always the 57th)

2004-05-28 00:00:0Approval of level of state of 0 People’s Republic of China issues announcement 2003 the 9th (always the 57th) 220166 standards heaven and earth / Enpproperty- – > national quality is supervised examine approval of quarantine total bureau is the following 237 states level, give now announce. Name of level of number of level of 2003-09-02 serial number replaces standard number to approve date to edit microbiology of sanitation of food of 1GB/T 4789.1-2003 of date executive date examines general principles GB/T 4789.1-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-012GB/T 4789.2-2003 food examines bacterium colony gross determines GB/T 4789.2-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-013GB/T 4789.3-2003 food examines coliform group determine GB/T 4789.3-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-014GB/T 4789.4-2003 food examines salmonella examines GB/T 4789.4-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-015GB/T 4789.5-2003 food examines bacterium of annals congratulate family name examines GB/T 4789.5-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-016GB/T 4789.6-2003 food examines the large intestine that send have diarrhoea dust bacterium of rare family name examines GB/T 4789.6-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-017GB/T 4789.7-2003 food examines vibrio of deputy hemolysis sex examines GB/T 4789.7-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-018GB/T 4789.8-2003 food examines small intestine colonitis bacterium of Ye Er dark examines GB/T 4789.8-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-019GB/T 4789.9-2003 food examines jejunum curves bacterium to examine GB/T 4789.9-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0110GB/T 4789.10-2003 food examines coccus of golden yellow grape examines GB/T 4789.10-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0111GB/T 4789.11-2003 food examines haemolysis sex is streptococcic examine GB/T 4789.11-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0112GB/T 4789.12-2003 food examines bacterium of fleshy poisonous shuttle and fleshy poisonous toxin examine GB/T 4789.12-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0113GB/T 4789.13-2003 food examines bacterium of shuttle of film of clip yield gas examines GB/T 4789.13-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0114GB/T 4789.14-2003 food examines bacili of afterbirth of candle appearance bud examines GB/T 4789.14-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0115GB/T 4789.15-2003 food examines mould and yeasty computation GB/T 4789.15-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0116GB/T 4789.16-2003 food examines the appraisal GB/T 4789.16-19942003-08-11 of common mould yield toxin  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0117GB/T 4789.17-2003 food examines the flesh and fleshy products examine GB/T 4789.17-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0118GB/T 4789.18-2003 food examines breast and dairy produce examine GB/T 4789.18-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0119GB/T 4789.19-2003 food examines egg and egg product examine GB/T 4789.19-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0120GB/T 4789.20-2003 food examines aquatic product food examines GB/T 4789.20-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0121GB/T 4789.21-2003 food examines refrigerant drink, beverage examines GB/T 4789.21-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0122GB/T 4789.22-2003 food examines dressing examines GB/T 4789.22-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0123GB/T 4789.23-2003 food examines dish of cold drinks and snacks, bean products examines GB/T 4789.23-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0124GB/T 4789.24-2003 food examines candied, cake, confiture examines GB/T 4789.24-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0125GB/T 4789.25-2003 food examines wine kind examine GB/T 4789.25-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0126GB/T 4789.26-2003 food examines aseptic of potted food business examines GB/T 4789.26-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0127GB/T 4789.27-2003 food examines quantity of remain of the antibiotic in rare breed examines GB/T 4789.27-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0128GB/T 4789.28-2003 food examines coloring law, education radical and reagent GB/T 4789.28-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0129GB/T 4789.29-2003 food examines subspecies of face of rice of ferment of bacterium of single born of the same parents of coconut poisonous holiday examines GB/T 4789.29-19942003-08-11  Checklist of microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0130GB/T 4789.30-2003 food nuclear cell is proliferous Lisite bacterium examines GB/T 4789.30-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0131GB/T 4789.31-2003 food examines bacterium of family name of congratulate of salmonella, annals and the large intestine that send have diarrhoea dust the bacteriophage of alvine bacili division of bacterium of rare family name examines methodological GB/T 4789.31-19942003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0132GB/T 4789.32-2003 food examines the lactobacillus in lactobacillus beverage examines GB/T 16347-19962003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0133GB/T 4789.33-2003 food examines vegetables of grain cereal, fruit kind food examines   2003-08-11  Microbiology of sanitation of 2004-01-0134GB/T 4789.34-2003 food examines double branch bacili examines   2003-08-11  Legal principle of proved recipe of check of sanitation of 2004-01-0135GB/T 5009.1-2003 food changes GB/T 5009.1-19962003-08-11 of partial general principles  Of the opposite density of 2004-01-0136GB/T 5009.2-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.2-19852003-08-11  Of the moisture in 2004-01-0137GB/T 5009.3-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.3-19852003-08-11  Of the ash content in 2004-01-0138GB/T 5009.4-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.4-19852003-08-11  GB/T 5009.5-19852003-08-11 determines proteinly in 2004-01-0139GB/T 5009.5-2003 food  GB/T 5009.6-19852003-08-11 determines adiposely in 2004-01-0140GB/T 5009.6-2003 food  Of the reduced sugar in 2004-01-0141GB/T 5009.7-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.7-19852003-08-11  Of the cane sugar in 2004-01-0142GB/T 5009.8-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.8-19852003-08-11  GB/T 5009.9-19852003-08-11 determines amylaceously in 2004-01-0143GB/T 5009.9-2003 food  2004-01-0144GB/T 5009.10-2003 plant kind of the crude fibre in food determine GB/T 5009.10-19852003-08-11  Total arsenic reachs inorganic arsenic in 2004-01-0145GB/T 5009.11-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.11-19962003-08-11  Of the lead in 2004-01-0146GB/T 5009.12-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.12-19962003-08-11  Of the copper in 2004-01-0147GB/T 5009.13-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.13-19962003-08-11  Of the zinc in 2004-01-0148GB/T 5009.14-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.14-19962003-08-11  Of the cadmium in 2004-01-0149GB/T 5009.15-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.15-19962003-08-11  Of the stannum in 2004-01-0150GB/T 5009.16-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.16-19962003-08-11  Total mercury reachs organic mercury in 2004-01-0151GB/T 5009.17-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.17-19962003-08-11  Of the fluorine in 2004-01-0152GB/T 5009.18-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.18-19962003-08-11  In 2004-01-0153GB/T 5009.19-2003 food 666, of DDT incomplete allowance determine GB/T 5009.19-19962003-08-11  Remain of organic phosphor pesticide measures in 2004-01-0154GB/T 5009.20-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.20-19962003-08-11  Naphthalene of the armour in 2004-01-0155GB/T 5009.21-2003 grain, oily, dish of power incomplete allowance determine GB/T 5009.21-19962003-08-11  Aspergillus toxin Bl fizzles out in 2004-01-0156GB/T 5009.22-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.22-19962003-08-11  Aspergillus toxin Bl, B 2, Gl, G2 fizzles out in 2004-01-0157GB/T 5009.23-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.23-19962003-08-11  Aspergillus toxin Ml and Bl fizzle out in 2004-01-0158GB/T 5009.24-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.24-19962003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-0159GB/T 5009.25-2003 plant of motley aspergillus element determine GB/T 5009.25-19962003-08-11  The N in 2004-01-0160GB/T 5009.26-2003 food, inferior of saltpetre amine determine GB/T 5009.26-19962003-08-11  The benzene in 2004-01-0161GB/T 5009.27-2003 food and (of A) Bi determine GB/T 5009.27-19962003-08-11  Of natrium of the saccharin in 2004-01-0162GB/T 5009.28-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.28-19962003-08-11  Of acid of pear of Zhongshan of 2004-01-0163GB/T 5009.29-2003 food, benzoic acid determine GB/T 5009.29-19962003-08-11  Aether of fennel of hydroxyl of butyl of the father’s younger brother in 2004-01-0164GB/T 5009.30-2003 food (BHA) and 2, 6, butyl of 2 father’s younger brother is right cresol (of BHT) determine GB/T 5009.30-19962003-08-11  Be opposite in 2004-01-0165GB/T 5009.31-2003 food hydroxyl benzoic acid ester kind determine GB/T 11672-19892003-08-11  The gallnut in 2004-01-0166GB/T 5009.32-2003 oily ester is acerbity third ester (PG) determines GB/T 5009.32-19962003-08-11  Of the nitrite in 2004-01-0167GB/T 5009.33-2003 food and nitric acid salt determine GB/T 5009.33-19962003-08-11  Of the sulfite in 2004-01-0168GB/T 5009.34-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.34-19962003-08-11  Colorant synthesizes in 2004-01-0169GB/T 5009.35-2003 food determine GB/T 5009.35-19962003-08-11  The analytic method GB/T 5009.36-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0170GB/T 5009.36-2003 commissariat  The analytic method GB/T 5009.37-19962003-08-11 of standard of oily sanitation of plant of 2004-01-0171GB/T 5009.37-2003 edible  The analytic method GB/T 5009.38-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0172GB/T 5009.38-2003 vegetable, fruit  The analytic method GB/T 5009.39-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0173GB/T 5009.39-2003 soy  The analytic method GB/T 5009.40-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0174GB/T 5009.40-2003 sauce  2004-01-0175GB/T 5009.41-2003 feeds the analytic method GB/T 5009.41-19962003-08-11 of acetic sanitation standard  The analytic method GB/T 5009.42-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0176GB/T 5009.42-2003 salt  The analytic method GB/T 5009.43-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0177GB/T 5009.43-2003 gourmet powder  The analytic method GB/T 5009.44-19962003-08-11 of 2004-01-0178GB/T 5009.44-2003 flesh and standard of fleshy products sanitation  The analytic method GB/T 5009.45-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0179GB/T 5009.45-2003 aquatic product  The analytic method GB/T 5009.46-19962003-08-11 of 2004-01-0180GB/T 5009.46-2003 breast and standard of dairy produce sanitation  The analytic method GB/T 5009.47-19962003-08-11 of 2004-01-0181GB/T 5009.47-2003 egg and standard of egg product sanitation  Wine of 2004-01-0182GB/T 5009.48-2003 distill analyses methodological GB/T 5009.48-19962003-08-11 with what make up wine sanitation standard  2004-01-0183GB/T 5009.49-2003 ferments the analytic method GB/T 5009.49-19962003-08-11 of wine sanitation standard  2004-01-0184GB/T 5009.50-2003 cold food tastes the analytic method GB/T 5009.50-19962003-08-11 of wholesome standard  2004-01-0185GB/T 5009.51-2003 blame ferments sexual bean products reachs the analytic method GB/T 5009.51-19962003-08-11 of gluten sanitation standard  2004-01-0186GB/T 5009.52-2003 ferments the analytic method GB/T 5009.52-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of sexual bean products  2004-01-0187GB/T 5009.53-2003 is amylaceous the analytic method GB/T 5009.53-19962003-08-11 of kind of goods sanitation standard  2004-01-0188GB/T 5009.54-2003 sauce bloats the analytic method GB/T 5009.54-19962003-08-11 of dish sanitation standard  The analytic method GB/T 5009.55-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0189GB/T 5009.55-2003 sugar  The analytic method GB/T 5009.56-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0190GB/T 5009.56-2003 cake  The analytic method GB/T 5009.57-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-0191GB/T 5009.57-2003 tea  2004-01-0192GB/T 5009.58-2003 food packs the analytic method GB/T 5009.58-19962003-08-11 that uses level of polyethylene colophony sanitation  2004-01-0193GB/T 5009.59-2003 food packs the analytic method GB/T 5009.59-19962003-08-11 that uses level of polystyrene resin sanitation  2004-01-0194GB/T 5009.60-2003 food is packed shape with polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene the analytic method GB/T 5009.60-19962003-08-11 that tastes wholesome standard  2004-01-0195GB/T 5009.61-2003 food is packed with 3 get together cyanogen amine shapes the analytic method GB/T 5009.61-19962003-08-11 that tastes wholesome standard  2004-01-0196GB/T 5009.62-2003 pottery and porcelain makes the analytic method GB/T 5009.62-19962003-08-11 of standard of tableware container sanitation  2004-01-0197GB/T 5009.63-2003 enamel makes the analytic method GB/T 5009.63-19962003-08-11 of standard of tableware container sanitation  2004-01-0198GB/T 5009.64-2003 food uses rubber packing sheet (circle) the analytic method GB/T 5009.64-19962003-08-11 of wholesome standard  2004-01-0199GB/T 5009.65-2003 food uses the analytic method GB/T 5009.65-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of high-pressured boiler sealing ring  The analytic method GB/T 5009.66-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of nipple of 2004-01-01100GB/T 5009.66-2003 balata  2004-01-01101GB/T 5009.67-2003 food is packed shape with polyvinyl chloride the analytic method GB/T 5009.67-19962003-08-11 that tastes wholesome standard  Wall of 2004-01-01102GB/T 5009.68-2003 rubber packing sheet crosses the analytic method GB/T 5009.68-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of chloric ethylene coating  The analytic method GB/T 5009.69-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of coating of colophony of phenolic aldehyde of oxygen of annulus of wall of can of 2004-01-01103GB/T 5009.69-2003 food  The analytic method GB/T 5009.70-19962003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of coating of epoxy resin of polyamide of wall of 2004-01-01104GB/T 5009.70-2003 rubber packing sheet  2004-01-01105GB/T 5009.71-2003 food packs the analytic method GB/T 5009.71-19962003-08-11 that uses level of polypropylene colophony sanitation  2004-01-01106GB/T 5009.72-2003 aluminium makes the analytic method GB/T 5009.72-19962003-08-11 of standard of tableware container sanitation  Of allowance of incomplete of the 2 bromic ethane in 2004-01-01107GB/T 5009.73-2003 commissariat determine GB 4790-19842003-08-11  GB 8451-19872003-08-11 of experiment of set limit to of the heavy metal in 2004-01-01108GB/T 5009.74-2003 additive agent for food  Of the lead in 2004-01-01109GB/T 5009.75-2003 additive agent for food determine GB 8449-19872003-08-11  Of the arsenic in 2004-01-01110GB/T 5009.76-2003 additive agent for food determine GB 8450-19872003-08-11  The analytic method of standard of sanitation of 2004-01-01111GB/T 5009.77-2003 edible hydrogenated oil, butterine   2003-08-11  2004-01-01112GB/T 5009.78-2003 food packs the analytic method GB 3561-19892003-08-11 that uses level of base paper sanitation  2004-01-01113GB/T 5009.79-2003 food is in charge of GB 11332-19892003-08-11 of law of wholesome check proved recipe with balata  Wall of 2004-01-01114GB/T 5009.80-2003 rubber packing sheet gets together the analytic method GB 11679-19892003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of coating of 4 fluorine ethylene  The analytic method GB 11681-19892003-08-11 of standard of sanitation of container of tableware of 2004-01-01115GB/T 5009.81-2003 stainless steel  Of A of the vitamin in 2004-01-01116GB/T 5009.82-2003 food and vitamin E determine GB 12388-19902003-08-11  Of the carotene in 2004-01-01117GB/T 5009.83-2003 food determine GB 12389-19902003-08-11  Element of amine of the sulfur in 2004-01-01118GB/T 5009.84-2003 food (of vitamin B1) determine GB 12390-19902003-08-11  Of the riboflavin in 2004-01-01119GB/T 5009.85-2003 food determine GB 12391-19902003-08-11  In 2004-01-01120GB/T 5009.86-2003 vegetable, fruit and its goods of total ascorbic acid determine (fluorescent law and 2, 4, 2 nitrobenzene hydrazine laws) GB 12392-19902003-08-11  Of the phosphor in 2004-01-01121GB/T 5009.87-2003 food determine GB 12393-19902003-08-11  In 2004-01-01122GB/T 5009.88-2003 food not dissolve sex is prandial fibrous determines GB 12394-19902003-08-11  Of the nicotinic acid in 2004-01-01123GB/T 5009.89-2003 food determine GB 12395-19902003-08-11  Of the iron in 2004-01-01124GB/T 5009.90-2003 food, magnesian, manganese determine GB 12396-19902003-08-11  Of the Potassium in 2004-01-01125GB/T 5009.91-2003 food, natrium determine GB 12397-19902003-08-11  GB 12398-19902003-08-11 determines calcicly in 2004-01-01126GB/T 5009.92-2003 food  Of the Selenium in 2004-01-01127GB/T 5009.93-2003 food determine GB 12399-19962003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01128GB/T 5009.94-2003 plant of rare earth determine GB 13108-19912003-08-11  The tetracycline in 2004-01-01129GB/T 5009.95-2003 honey a group of things with common features of antibiotic incomplete allowance determine GB 13110-19912003-08-11  Of A of toxin of aspergillus of the reddish brown in 2004-01-01130GB/T 5009.96-2003 cereal and soja determine GB 13111-19912003-08-11  The annulus in 2004-01-01131GB/T 5009.97-2003 food already base of amino sulphur acerbity natrium determine GB 13112-19912003-08-11  2004-01-01132GB/T 5009.98-2003 rubber packing sheet and the material that pack reachs his with colophony of not saturated polyester GB 13117-19912003-08-11 of method of analysis of standard of sanitation of goods of glass reinforced plastics  2004-01-01133GB/T 5009.99-2003 rubber packing sheet and the analytic method GB 13118-19912003-08-11 that the material that pack uses level of polycarbonate colophony sanitation  2004-01-01134GB/T 5009.100-2003 food is packed shape with epispastic polystyrene the analytic method GB 13119-19912003-08-11 that tastes wholesome standard  2004-01-01135GB/T 5009.101-2003 rubber packing sheet reachs the material that pack to reach its to shape with polyester colophony GB/T 13120-19962003-08-11 determines antimonially in tasting  Remain of pesticide of phosphor of sulfur of the laborious in food of sex of 2004-01-01136GB/T 5009.102-2003 plant measures determine GB 14875-19942003-08-11  Of phosphor of amine of the armour in food of sex of 2004-01-01137GB/T 5009.103-2003 plant and quantity of remain of pesticide of phosphor of acetyl armour amine determine GB 14876-19942003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01138GB/T 5009.104-2003 plant ester of amino formic acid kind of pesticide incomplete allowance determine GB 14877-19942003-08-11  Of allowance of clear incomplete of the 100 bacterium in 2004-01-01139GB/T 5009.105-2003 cucumber determine GB 14878-19942003-08-11  Remain of ester of chrysanthemum of aether of the 2 chloric benzene in food of sex of 2004-01-01140GB/T 5009.106-2003 plant measures determine GB 14879-19942003-08-11  Remain of phosphor of the 2 Qin in food of sex of 2004-01-01141GB/T 5009.107-2003 plant measures determine GB/T 14929.1-19942003-08-11  Of female phenol of Xi of the oneself in flesh of birds of 2004-01-01142GB/T 5009.108-2003 cultivate determine GB/T 14931.2-19942003-08-11  Of allowance of incomplete of phosphor of sulfur of amine of the water in 2004-01-01143GB/T 5009.109-2003 orange determine GB/T 14929.3-19942003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01144GB/T 5009.110-2003 plant of ester of ester of chloric cyanogen chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum of cyanogen the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem and quantity of remain of ester of bromic cyanogen chrysanthemum determine GB/T 14929.4-19942003-08-11  Xi of bacterium of hook of corrupt of snow of the to oxigenate in 2004-01-01145GB/T 5009.111-2003 cereal and its goods determines mellowly GB/T 14929.5-19942003-08-11  Remain of phosphor of sulfur of the Kui in 2004-01-01146GB/T 5009.112-2003 rice and orange measures determine GB/T 14929.6-19942003-08-11  What bug annulus remain measures is kill to determine in 2004-01-01147GB/T 5009.113-2003 rice GB/T 14929.7-19942003-08-11  What bug double remain measures is kill to determine in 2004-01-01148GB/T 5009.114-2003 rice GB/T 14929.8-19942003-08-11  Of allowance of incomplete of Zun of the 3 annulus in 2004-01-01149GB/T 5009.115-2003 paddy determine GB/T 14929.9-19942003-08-11  Remain of the Terramycin in flesh of birds of 2004-01-01150GB/T 5009.116-2003 cultivate, tetracycline, aureomycin measures determine (law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph) GB/T14931.1, L9942003-08-11  Beans of 2004-01-01151GB/T 5009.117-2003 edible dregses of rice the analytic method GB/T14932.2 of wholesome standard, L9942003-08-11  The T in 2004-01-01152GB/T 5009.118-2003 wheat, the adsorption of enzymatic couplet immunity of 2 toxin determines (ELISA)GB/T 14933-19942003-08-11  The 2 amino toluene in the bag of 2004-01-01153GB/T 5009.119-2003 complex provision that pack determine GB/T 14937-19942003-08-11  Acid of acerbity natrium of the third in 2004-01-01154GB/T 5009.120-2003 food, third determines calcicly GB/T 14940-19942003-08-11  Second of the dehydrogenation in 2004-01-01155GB/T 5009.121-2003 food determines acerbitily GB/T 14941-19942003-08-11  The 2004-01-01156GB/T 5009.122-2003 rubber packing sheet, material that pack is reached with polyvinyl chloride colophony shape L of allowance of the incomplete in tasting, l, of 2 chloric ethane determine GB/T 14943-19942003-08-11  GB/T 14962-19942003-08-11 determines chromicly in 2004-01-01157GB/T 5009.123-2003 food  In 2004-01-01158GB/T 5009.124-2003 food of amino acid determine GB/T 14965-19942003-08-11  6 colophony reach 2004-01-01159GB/T 5009.125-2003 nylon shape in tasting already inside of acyl amine determine GB/T 14966-19942003-08-11  Remain of ketone of the 3 Zun in food of sex of 2004-01-01160GB/T 5009.126-2003 plant measures determine GB/T 14973-19942003-08-11  2004-01-01161GB/T 5009.127-2003 food is packed reach its to shape with polyester colophony of the germanium in tasting determine GB/T 15205-19942003-08-11  Of the cholesterol in 2004-01-01162GB/T 5009.128-2003 food determine GB/T 15206-19942003-08-11  Oxygen of the second in 2004-01-01163GB/T 5009.129-2003 fruit base of Kui incomplete allowance determine GB/T 15518-19952003-08-11  Remain of careless aether of sulphanilamide of the fluorine in 2004-01-01164GB/T 5009.130-2003 soja and cereal measures determine GB/T 16337, L9962003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01165GB/T 5009.131-2003 plant inferior remain of amine sulfur phosphor measures determine GB/T 16335, L9962003-08-11  The bad people in 2004-01-01166GB/T 5009.132-2003 food goes to what ferry remain measures determining GB/T16336, L9962003-08-11  Remain of chloric wheat grand measures in 2004-01-01167GB/T 5009.133-2003 commissariat determine GB/T16338, L9962003-08-11  The He Cao in 2004-01-01168GB/T 5009.134-2003 rice of enemy incomplete allowance determine GB/T16339, L9962003-08-11  Destroy young Niao remain is measured in food of sex of 2004-01-01169GB/T 5009.135-2003 plant determine GB/T16340, L9962003-08-11  Of allowance of incomplete of the pentachloronitrobenzene in food of sex of 2004-01-01170GB/T 5009.136-2003 plant determine GB/T 16341-19962003-08-11  GB/T 16342-19962003-08-11 determines antimonially in 2004-01-01171GB/T 5009.137-2003 food  Of the nickel in 2004-01-01172GB/T 5009.138-2003 food determine GB/T 16343-19962003-08-11  Of the caffein in 2004-01-01173GB/T 5009.139-2003 beverage determine GB/T 16344-19962003-08-11  Of acerbity Potassium of sulphanilamide of the acetyl in 2004-01-01174GB/T 5009.140-2003 beverage determine GB/T 16345-19962003-08-11  The temptation in 2004-01-01175GB/T 5009.141-2003 food determines redly GB/T 16346-19962003-08-11  Clever remain of grass of standing grain of fluorine of Bi of careless spirit of standing grain of fluorine of the Bi in food of sex of 2004-01-01176GB/T 5009.142-2003 plant, essence measures determine GB/T 17328-19982003-08-11  Remain of double armour amidine measures in oil of 2004-01-01177GB/T 5009.143-2003 vegetable, fruit, edible determine GB/T 17329-19982003-08-11  Remain of phosphor of methylic different willow measures in food of sex of 2004-01-01178GB/T 5009.144-2003 plant determine GB/T 17330-19982003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01179GB/T 5009.145-2003 plant organic phosphor and ester of amino formic acid kind pesticide of a variety of remain determine GB/T 17331-19982003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01180GB/T 5009.146-2003 plant organic chloric and draft Dalmatian chrysanthemum ester kind pesticide of a variety of remain determine GB/T 17332-19982003-08-11  Of allowance of incomplete of Niao of the worm in food of sex of 2004-01-01181GB/T 5009.147-2003 plant determine GB/T 17333-19982003-08-11  Cotton of the dissociate in food of sex of 2004-01-01182GB/T 5009.148-2003 plant determines phenolicly GB/T 17334-19982003-08-11  Topmast of 2004-01-01183GB/T 5009.149-2003 food child determine yellowly GB/T 17335-19982003-08-11  In 2004-01-01184GB/T 5009.150-2003 food of red music pigment determine GB/T 17336-19982003-08-11  Of the germanium in 2004-01-01185GB/T 5009.151-2003 food determine GB/T 17337-19982003-08-11  2004-01-01186GB/T 5009.152-2003 food is packed with styrene, the propylene nitrile of propylene nitrile copolymer and balata modified, butadiene, styrene colophony reachs his to shape of monomer of nitrile of propylene of the remain in tasting determine GB/T 17338-19982003-08-11  The establish in food of sex of 2004-01-01187GB/T 5009.153-2003 plant determines acerbitily GB/T 17406-19982003-08-11  The vitamin in 2004-01-01188GB/T 5009.154-2003 food of B6 determine GB/T 17407-19982003-08-11  Of allowance of clever incomplete of acute communicable diseases of semilate rice of 2004-01-01189GB/T 5009.155-2003 rice determine GB/T 17408-19982003-08-11  2004-01-01190GB/T 5009.156-2003 food uses the GB/T 17409-19982003-08-11 of general rule of soaking tests method of the material that pack and its goods  Of the organic acid in 2004-01-01191GB/T 5009.157-2003 food determine   2003-08-11  The vitamin in 2004-01-01192GB/T 5009.158-2003 vegetable of K1 determine   2003-08-11  Archetypal ascorbic acid returns in 2004-01-01193GB/T 5009.159-2003 food determine   2003-08-11  Remain of simple nail amidine measures in 2004-01-01194GB/T 5009.160-2003 fruit determine   2003-08-11  Much constituent of organic phosphor pesticide remains in food of sex of 2004-01-01195GB/T 5009.161-2003 animal of the quantity determine   2003-08-11  Organic chloric pesticide is mixed in food of sex of 2004-01-01196GB/T 5009.162-2003 animal draft quantity of remain of much constituent of pesticide of Dalmatian chrysanthemum ester to determine   2003-08-11  In food of sex of 2004-01-01197GB/T 5009.163-2003 animal ester of amino formic acid kind remain of pesticide much constituent is efficient fluid photograph color atlas determines   2003-08-11  Remain of fourth careless amine measures in 2004-01-01198GB/T 5009.164-2003 rice determine   2003-08-11  In 2004-01-01199GB/T 5009.165-2003 commissariat 2.4, of allowance of incomplete of drop fourth ester determine   2003-08-11  2004-01-01200GB/T 5009.166-2003 food packs the trial test that uses colophony and its product   2003-08-11  2004-01-01201GB/T 5009.167-2003 is the fluorine in drinkable and natural mineral water, chloric, bromic ion and nitric acid root, vitriolic of root content turn over law of color atlas of photograph of concentrated juice to determine   2003-08-11  5 Xi acid mixes the 20 carbon in 2004-01-01202GB/T 5009.168-2003 food 22 carbon 6 Xi determine acerbitily   2003-08-11  Sulphur of the ox in 2004-01-01203GB/T 5009.169-2003 food determines acerbitily   2003-08-11  Of content of black element of the fade in 2004-01-01204GB/T 5009.170-2003 health food determine   2003-08-11  Oxide branch exceeds to change in 2004-01-01205GB/T 5009.171-2003 health food enzymatic (SOD) determines actively   2003-08-11  Happy clever remain measures the fluorine in 2004-01-01206GB/T 5009.172-2003 soja, earthnut, soya-bean oil, peanut oil determine   2003-08-11  2004-01-01207GB/T 5009.173-2003 pome, orange kind of allowance of incomplete of ketone of mite of a place of strategic importance in the fruit determine   2003-08-11  Of careless amine of armour of third of the different in 2004-01-01208GB/T 5009.174-2003 earthnut, soja determine   2003-08-11  In 2004-01-01209GB/T 5009.175-2003 commissariat and vegetable 2, 4, of drop incomplete allowance determine   2003-08-11  Remain of the 3 chloric alcohol killing mite in oil of vegetable of 2004-01-01210GB/T 5009.176-2003 tea, fruit, edible measures determine   2003-08-11  Of allowance of incomplete of the Stam F-34 in 2004-01-01211GB/T 5009.177-2003 rice determine   2003-08-11  Of the formaldehyde in the material of 2004-01-01212GB/T 5009.178-2003 food that pack determine   2003-08-11  Of nitrogen of amine of the 3 armour in 2004-01-01213GB/T 5009.179-2003 ham determine GB 2731 2003-08-11 of one 1988 parts  Remain of evil careless ketone measures in 2004-01-01214GB/T 5009.180-2003 paddy, groundnut determine   2003-08-11  2004-01-01215GB/T 5009.181-2003 is lardy in third of 2 aldehyde determine GB10146, 1988 parts 2003-08-11  2004-01-01216GB/T 5009.182-2003 face is made GBl5202 determines aluminously in food, 1994 parts 2003-08-11  The Niao in beverage of protein of 2004-01-01217GB/T 5009.183-2003 vegetable is enzymatic qualitative determine GB16322, L996 part 2003-08-11  Remain of ketone of Qin of the Sai in 2004-01-01218GB/T 5009.184-2003 commissariat, vegetable measures determine GB14970, 1994 parts 2003-08-11  2004-01-01219GB/T 5009.185-2003 apple determines with what penicillin exhibits in hawkthorn goods GB14974, 1994 parts 2003-08-11  The Niao in beverage of 2004-01-01220GB/T 5009.186-2003 lactobacillus is enzymatic qualitative determine GB16321, 1996 parts 2003-08-11  2004-01-01221GB/T 5009.187-2003 dried fruit (Gui Yuan, litchi, currant, dried persimmon) in always determine acerbitily GB16325, L996 part 2003-08-11  In 2004-01-01222GB/T 5009.188-2003 vegetable, fruit methylic of spirit of the ferry that hold cloth in the palm, much bacterium determine GB/T 5009. 38, L996 part 2003-08-11  Bacterium of ferment of the rice in 2004-01-01223GB/T 5009.189-2003 tremella determines acerbitily GB/T 11675, 1989 parts 2003-08-11  Of benzene of the many chloric couplet in 2004-01-01224GB/T 5009.190-2003 marine food determine GB/T9675, L9882003-08-11  In 2004-01-01225GB/T 5009.191-2003 food 3, chloric, L, 2, third of 2 mellow content determine   2003-08-11  Remain measures the Kelunteluo in food of sex of 2004-01-01226GB/T 5009.192-2003 animal determine   2003-08-11  The dehydrogenation in 2004-01-01227GB/T 5009.193-2003 health food expresses male steriod ketone (of DHEA) determine   2003-08-11  Of IgG of globulin of the immunity in 2004-01-01228GB/T 5009.194-2003 health food determine   2003-08-11  Of chromic content of formic acid of the pyridine in 2004-01-01229GB/T 5009.195-2003 health food determine   2003-08-11  Of the inositol in 2004-01-01230GB/T 5009.196-2003 health food determine   2003-08-11  Of amine of acyl of alcohol of Duo of Bi of element of amine of sulfur of the hydrochloric acid in 2004-01-01231GB/T 5009.197-2003 health food, hydrochloric acid, nicotinic acid, smoke and caffein determine   2003-08-11  Memory of 2004-01-01232GB/T 5009.198-2003 shellfish loses alga of cartilage of sexual shellfish toxin to determine acerbitily   2003-08-11  In 2004-01-01233GB/T 5009.199-2003 vegetable organic phosphor and ester of amino formic acid kind pesticide incomplete allowance detects quickly   2003-08-11  Wild swallow withered remain measures in 2004-01-01234GB/T 5009.200-2003 wheat determine   2003-08-11  Of allowance of mellow incomplete of Zun of the Xi in 2004-01-01235GB/T 5009.201-2003 pear determine   2003-08-11  Plant of 2004-01-01236GB/T 5009.202-2003 edible panbroils the polarity constituent in scamper process (of PC) determine GB/T 7102. 2, 19942003-08-11  Fiber of 2004-01-01237GB/T 5009.203-2003 plant kind rubber packing sheet evaporates to analyse a method residually in wholesome standard   2003-08-11   2004-01-01

Forestry total production value realizes tall county 445 million yuan first half of the year ” double over- half “

On July 16, the author learns from branch of tall county forestry, this year first half of the year, total production value of forestry of this county implementation 445 million yuan, income of forestry of farmer average per capita 485 yuan, satisfactory implementation time, task double over- half. As we have learned, come this year, this county is a tenet with promoting Lin Fumin, give priority to a line in order to mend way of change forestry development. . .

On July 16, the author learns from branch of tall county forestry, this year first half of the year, total production value of forestry of this county implementation 445 million yuan, income of forestry of farmer average per capita 485 yuan, “ of satisfactory implementation time, task double cross half ” .

As we have learned, come this year, this county is a tenet with promoting Lin Fumin, give priority to a line in order to mend way of change forestry development, move according to “ structure, strong the pillar, job train of thought that helps ” of industry of bibcock, hurried up, it is a target in order to build forestry industry via aid strong county, expand further forestry estate, base of first on project financing arrangement industry is built, already built bamboo property base now 253 thousand mus of; serve actively for bibcock enterprise, enlarge of industry of Hua Cheng paper can be brought 100 thousand tons endowment 25 million yuan of ability changes to already was finished, bibcock company brand gets rare tree is planted promoting; to carry out precious actively further grow seedlings and cultivated project, promote kind of seedling to spend flowers industry further, built come answer, rare tree of 1000 mus of precious plants place of lunar river forest demonstrative base; builds cooperation of forestry farmer major 6, the favourable step that bamboo of entire county wood manages treatment unit to achieve 183; key to go up to increase investment to forestry around country and province is positive capital attraction, already capital attraction 22 million yuan. To found province forestry estate strong county bred county and county of provincial afforest model to lay a foundation.

4.3 billion mus of forest land are helpless course of study of governmental vacancy papermaking or the track of an overturned cart of skip iron ore

When social all circles suspects ash is harmful generally, an increasingly grim reality is placed before China.

“2005 when year, chinese lumber demand already amounted to 280 million stere, breach is 100 million stere at that time; To 2015, demand will achieve 340 million stere, and breach will amount to 150 million stere. Huang Wending of professor of college of ” Nanjing forestry tells and dispatch net.

This breach of 44% , want to rely on an entrance to make up for. “ but now, we import timber from the country such as Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, already unlike before so successful, they are striving for bigger investment be born, build pulp plant in place for instance. Industry of paper of ” golden light (China) Zhang Wen of public concern chief inspector exhibits investment limited company to mixing dispatch network says.

Current, china year average per capita uses paper 70 kilograms, and the developed country already amounted to 300 kilograms, as life character rise, the demand of China that use paper will draw close to the level of the developed country undoubtedly, the raw material pressure that brings from this will be increased further.

Ding Yang of the personage inside course of study points out, solve this one difficult problem, cannot count on an entrance completely apparently, this must be accelerated with respect to requirement China artificial forest construction pace, utmost ground realizes an entrance to replace, cast off the situation of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to thereby. “ if this job does not follow to go up, papermaking domain also will appear similar iron ore by circumstance of foreign tycoon pilot, this is not exaggerate sth just to scare people absolutely. ”

In fact, china develops artificial Lin You to come energetically long already, statistic shows, 1990 to between 2010, china is the whole world artificial forest the country with the biggest amplitude, banner wait for a country at the United States, Canada, India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, at present labour forest area amounts to the person 6200 much hectare.

“ is planted in artificial Lin Shu in, masson pine grows an area the biggest, it is pine of birch, fallen leaves next, ash is ranked very after leaning, but the cause that did not know why to become a society to atttack however. ” Huang Wending says.

According to the view of aggressor, ash monicker makes small-sized pump, plant now the place of ash, the water in gully is very few, affected the crop of the farmer. The leaf that ash falls down, if be handled not in time, drop slot in, water is yellow, draught animals drank water, serious meeting dies, of dub also meet a serious illness.

“ this kind of view is have not a leg to stand on apparently, if ash is destroyed to what give birth to state environment very big, australia is early produce disaster because of ash, the state that also won’t become this state is cultivated, leaf won’t be become more take an examination of the food that pulls bear. ” Huang Wending says.

The local species to cultivating ash will greatly reductive view, huang Wending thinks is eyewash more. “ Brazil has the ash park that built 1916, there are 255 kinds of birds in the park at present, 20 kinds of large mammal, 21 kinds of amphibian, 31 kinds of reptile, biology diversity not only was not affected, a few richer than before. ”

When “ Yunnan is arid also someone says to be concerned with ash, but the conclusion after expert group survey says, ash and local drought did not concern directly, main big still compression ring sheds those who wait for an element to cause. ” Ding Yang says.

To such in the whole world 58 countries have the tree that plants extensively one to plant, yellow fourth Wen Duian cultivates the experience that is in China to feel distressed. “ we made a lot of attempts in catchment of the Yangtse River, discover only masson pine suits to grow quite, but investment yields than not beautiful, of the enterprise cultivate passion not tall, and ash introduces variety as, the result that grows in two wide, Yunnan, Hainan is right, can come true with 1 mu artificial forest protect 4 mus natural forest target, but the vicious attack that did not think of to encounter however. ”

Ding Yang criterion points out, when ash suffers baleful attack, the country should stand about the branch a view, “ now business circles, common people is water of a mist, no matter from forestry long-term development is returned,be from the angle that appeases misunderstanding, director branch special be necessary to make authoritative conclusion in order to ensure a right understanding of the facts. ”

Yellow Ding Wen thinks, to having the China of 4.3 billion mus of forest land, be immersed in however now depend on stronger and stronger trend external, should make the best of time to formulate the strategy that has specific aim anyhow.

More the fact of anxious letting a person is, be in most the Hainan province that gets used to ash to grow, local farmer is in by door mouth estate the place of redound of high specified number of business is alluring, be about to hire papermaking company planted forest land resell to give them, and this increased the difficulty that self-sufficient rate rises lumber undoubtedly.

2012 Hainan save a company 100 strong list are official show

Business income of position company name (10 thousand yuan)

Limited company of group of 1 sea boat 9389178

Limited company of chemical industry of oil refining of Hainan of 2 China petrifaction

Limited company of group of 3 Hainan great seal 3250024

4 Hainan province builds group limited company 1379000

5 Hainan save limited company of farming cultivate group 1269057

Inc. of group of automobile of 6 sea horse 1121430

Branch of oil of Hainan of 7 China petro-chemical Inc. 986522

8 in Inc. of Hai Shi oily chemistry 980520

Company of 9 Hainan electrified wire netting 854662

10 Hainan save nicotian company 748082

Industry of paper of oar of sea of 11 Hainan gold limited company 558513

Limited company of Hainan of group of 12 China mobile 520759

13 Inc. generates electricity south Hua Nenghai 427916

Branch of Hainan of Inc. of 14 China southern aviation 422707

Happy estate of 15 Hainan elegant room develops limited company 417428

Hainan of Inc. of natural gas of 16 China oil sells a branch 390530

17 Hua Wen medium invest group Inc. 379389

18 coco establish group limited company 343922

Hainan of Inc. of 19 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China saves subsidiary bank 309394

20 Zhejiang Bo Yuanjian sets Inc. Hainan branch 304011

Inc. of 21 Hainan mining industry 283281

22 big talk are beautiful orchid the International Airport is finite liability company 281104

The job that 23 Hainan fill is new and high technical limited company 243165

Pacific Ocean of 24 Hainan oil is finite liability company 237999

25 Hainan save company of engineering of the 2nd construction 237089

26 Hainan are beautiful inferior industrial limited company 213188

Limited company of energy of 27 Hainan Ying Lixin 191967

Branch of Hainan of 28 China telegraphic Inc. 187560

Oil of 29 Hainan Pacific Ocean is industrial Inc. 183333

Gold of 30 big talk assembles trade limited company 179189

Hainan of Inc. of 31 Bank of Chinas saves subsidiary bank 178339

32 Hainan limited company of engineering of the 4th construction 170483

33 Hainan save company of engineering of the 6th construction 170459

Cigarette of 34 Hainan red tower is finite liability company 160764

Hainan of Inc. of bank of 35 China construction saves subsidiary bank 160281

Railroad of sea of 36 another name for Guangdong Province is finite liability company 158671

37 Hainan are contemporary limited company of group of science and technology 158450

Island of 38 Hainan coco (group) Inc. 152714

Cement of 39 China embellish (Chang Jiang) limited company 151957

40 Hainan limited company of engineering of the first construction 150155

41 Hainan save company of engineering of the 5th construction 149802

42 Hainan gold dish electric limited company 146217

43 Hainan save company of engineering of the 3rd construction 139815

44 Hainan power limited company of especially electric group 131717

Limited company of group of trade of big timber of 45 Hainan emperor 130000

Exploration of oil field of hill of 46 Hainan blessing develops finite liability company 121645

Boat of 47 Hainan harbor controls a limited company 121389

48 in the sea (Hainan) Inc. of Wu of Hai Cheng boat 120357

49 Hainan blessing brings a group 117520

Hainan of Inc. of 50 transportation bank saves subsidiary bank 113943

Hainan of limited company of communication of network of 51 China combination saves a branch 112918

52 China are restful branch of life-insurance Inc. Hainan 111564

Steam of 53 Hainan sea carries group Inc. 111210

54 big talk farming labour trade (Luo Niu hill) Inc. 110410

55 3 estate develops Yazhuoda limited company 109708

56 Hainan country contains oil limited company 108708

Industry of paper of red autumnal leaves of 57 Hainan gold limited company 101531

Hainan of group of 58 China Baoan is industrial limited company 89648

59 Hainan build industry group limited company jointly 88409

60 Hainan east river Inc. 86903

Inc. of 61 pioneers medicine 84056

Industry of drug of hall of 62 Hainan preserve one’s health limited company 82954

Hainan of 63 Inc. of Chinese life insurance save a branch 77969

Limited company of chemical imports and exports is told in 64 Hainan 76912

65 Hainan limited company of 4 annulus medicine 73706

66 Hainan gold fills riverside paper industry limited company 72905

Limited company of chemical industry of 67 Hainan solid Hua Jiacheng 72375

Inc. of medicine of 68 Hainan sea 72185

69 Hainan luck lustre Inc. of new-style building materials 71397

Branch of big talk of big bank of 70 China light 70536

Inc. of pharmacy of strange force of 71 big talk 68378

72 in city building branch of Hainan of limited company of group of bureau of the 6th project 66559

Branch of Hainan of Inc. of insurance of property of 73 China Pacific Ocean 65846

74 Hainan Hua Jiada invests limited company 65777

Inc. of shipping of 75 Hainan channel 64419

76 in sea Hainan generates electricity limited company 60138

Limited company of pharmacy of 77 Hainan Asia 60005

Limited company of oil gas of the sea in 78 Hainan 59258

Branch of Hainan of Inc. of insurance of 79 China restful property 56079

Limited company of feed of science and technology of peaceful of 80 Hainan abundant 55868

Inc. of industry of environmental protection of 81 Hainan blue island 55210

82 Hainan save farming cultivate to establish industry group head office 53974

Limited company of chemical industry of oil gas of 83 Hainan rich hill 53237

84 Hainan Cheng Da builds engineering group limited company 53136

Inc. of 85 Hainan freeway 53008

Glad of 86 Hainan flourishing age starts limited company of division force trade 52641

87 Hainan HP dark limited company of medical biology technology 52453

Enterprise of 88 Hainan Chang Mao (group) limited company 50930

89 in change branch of Hainan of fertilizer limited company 48402

Branch of big talk of Inc. of bank of 90 Shenzhen development 48028

Limited company of estate of yacht of 91 Hainan Heng Xiang 45850

Limited company of brew of Pacific Ocean of 92 Hainan Asia 40862

Construction of development of foreign riverside of 93 Hainan province controls a limited company 40835

Hainan of group of 94 fierce steel is finite liability company 40002

95 Hainan limited company of chemical industry of 100 carry medicine 39196

The grain in 96 Hainan limited company of Coke Cola beverage 39172

Branch of Hainan of limited company of system of 97 Zhejiang universal 38019

Estate of 98 Hainan Cheng Da develops limited company 37480

Development of 99 Hainan province controls a limited company 36834

100 3 inferior limited company of Hai Yun group 34486

Paper makes moral trade: Trend sex opportunity has not arrived

The basis invests now ” online analyst ” the statistic that to research organization of mainstream of domestic close a hunderd schools the gain of 4000 Yu Ming’s analysts forecasts data to undertake, integrated last week gain is forecasted (2012) in increasing 25 shares before extent is resided, the industry distributings to disperse relatively, electronic equipment and instrument are occupied with be seleted 5 times house the first, pharmacy, chemical industry is tasted, each collection gets forestry and paper products, metal and mining, textile and dress to 2 are seleted and rank the others of the 2nd; to distributing to serve in equipment of carriage infrastructure, communication, commerce etc among the industry. “ is 925 ” program, energy-saving decrease what a series of policy such as the platoon are quickening paper products industry to shuffle. This period we comment on the key.

2012 first half of the year, the market saw those who create value of wood pulp of chipboard piece raw material rebound as scheduled, however not when industry boom restores, paper value follows go up, the result that company profit improves these everybody to care most. But, the market anticipates change direction quickly, feburary brief rebound at this point terminative. Anticipate boom restores oar price sole to pick up boom essence restores supply and demand to improve paper value to pick up gain picks up, this one logic does not have a problem originally, it is present reality deduces the time of this one logic to grow to anticipate at the market only, “ boom essence restores supply and demand to improve ” the forerunner link that this one gain picks up comes so that want probably a few later.

Begin from 2007, hair of industry letter ministry, country changes appoint waited for trade management department to come on stage in succession " papermaking industry develops policy " , " energy-saving reduce an omnibus work program " , " content discharges water pollution of industry of the papermaking that make a starch standard " , " industrial business falls into disuse lag behind produce can list " , " papermaking, its policy directs is from industry admittance, organization the many angle such as equipment of structure, technology promote industry of our country papermaking to realize raw material to optimize stage by stage, produce can upgrade, energy-saving decrease a platoon, can say a series of policy publish the development blue print that outlined whole industry future, the huge economy interest after the massive strategy import that allowed a lot of enterprises to see the element such as resource, technology, equipment competes to prospective industry and industry reshuffle, contest addition is produced quickly can upgrade and structural composition.

From eye antecedent condition looks, produce can release with demand not beautiful forms resonance, together with tradition is off-season paper value bear pressure, gain of paper look forward to is leaving trough hind is short-term have clear improvement hard. Predict annulus comparing will improve 2 quarterly profit somewhat 2012, still be faced with compared to the same period glide considerably. 2 quarters rise, downstream and flat demand makes furnish superfluously originally circumstance one disaster after another, begin after the Spring Festival carry valence to be faced with obstruction occurrence callback as scheduled since May, gain of paper look forward to is leaving after trough of the beginning of the year, enter phase climbing slope. Predict to build chipboard piece main company signs up for net profit to will still glide considerably in 2012 (fall in 60% or so) . Gain not beautiful, papermaking company invests impulse to will be restrained somewhat.

Look from the supply situation of half an year, this round of investment that from 2011 2 quarters begin will be in quickly next half an year arrives one year inside time continue to evolve to be able to put in centrally to produce, second half of the year furnished 2012 pressure still bigger; and permeate the paper in national economy extensively to taste consumption to be in 2012 of economic slowdown year will face more adverse demand environment, have add fast the foundation that accelerates fall after a rise, predicting trade supply demand relations inside year nervous still. Day agree with each other is considered think papermaking child board piece opportunity of trend sex investment did not come.

Industry of civilian battalion book is risk of grand sight policy along He Wei is the biggest risk

The 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China especially seventeen big since, civilian battalion publishs arrive as a child big, from explain to strong development course infirmly: This is a liberal epoch, the person that it gave those cherish ideal, sureness to struggle with rich and generous redound; the times that this is a good luck, it gave the those look acumen, person that fills originality the space with play. And this is vitality of Chinese culture industry 4 shoot, the prime cause that develops prosperity.

1.The current situation makes a hero, civilian battalion publishs “ to change ” of chrysalis Cheng Die

If somebody asks: “ " hundred years loneliness " and " become best Party member " between the place that He Gong is the same as? ” believes most person does not answer to come up. But there is identical “ gene ”—— really between them they are the super best seller that skill of civilian battalion publication company makes.

Actually, course of study is published in today’s China in, arrive from masses books party history reader, arrive from best seller teach complementary material, from downstream wholesale and retail produce to upriver content, everywhere flash is worn the form with civilian battalion brisk business. According to statistic, it is in unit of edition of 357 thousand new scent of countrywide, civilian battalion is published, presswork, duplicate enterprise exceeds 324 thousand, 90.8% what hold sum total.

The 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China especially seventeen big since, civilian battalion publishs arrive as a child big, from explain to strong development course infirmly: This is a liberal epoch, the person that it gave those cherish ideal, sureness to struggle with rich and generous redound; the times that this is a good luck, it gave the those look acumen, person that fills originality the space with play. And this is vitality of Chinese culture industry 4 shoot, the prime cause that develops prosperity.

Ten years ago, the Zhang Quan that holding the position of Chinese teacher in a high school also wants to be less than anyhow in the future oneself can become actually the palm door person of year of large culture business that sells an ocean exceed 1.8 billion yuan. And all these should teach from a small Chinese complementary speak of. What what Zhang Quan teachs at that time is tall the Chinese achievement of 3 graduation class is in place outstanding, a main reason is him write teach complementary very effective, not only use for this school student, circumjacent brother school also Mu Minglai wants. “ had not wanted to want to rely on this to make money at the beginning, use freely to the person. The family will want, the school still feels to have outer part very much. ” Zhang Quan says, at that time of the Gao Shuiping on the market teach complementary material very little, it is seller’s market absolutely. But the addition as demand, zhang Quan more and more feel education is mixed make up religion complementary hard give attention to two or morethings, had the plan that abdication does poineering work then.

1999, the estrade that Zhang Quan left to work 12 years, established company of culture of science and education of a list of names posted up of Shandong century gold, absorption make middle and primary school teach complementary industry. This thinking that oneself are written teach complementary quality to be able to open the market certainly very much, can not think of to do poineering work the first year with respect to lose money in business, till gain of the 3rd year of ability. Before “ opens a firm, I am a teacher, I understand religion complementary, but I do not know law of market sale, trade really, also do not know human impact. How to establish sale channel, how to run a company, want to fumble from the beginning. ” Zhang Quan says, but oneself caught good time, the national encouragement to civilian battalion enterprise, the social attention to education, make the development of the company enters drive, almost a year a step. Company staff from be less than 20 people at first to recruit current 1300 much people, year sale code ocean exceeds 1.8 billion yuan, tax of profit of turn over to the higher authorities many yuan 7000, become the profit tax large family of local count as one of the best.

At present culture company appears on the market financing colourful become a common practice is current. Zhang Quan says, the country is encouraged to what company of civilian battalion culture appears on the market and give aid to strength is gotten greatly than before much, the company has finished share-holding system to transform now, entered appear on the market coach period, the fastest next year is in likely A appear on the market.

Generally speaking, enterprise of civilian battalion books is avoid market risk, normally can evasive party is built, the subject matter such as data of party history, cadre study, but company of books of Beijing times Chinese made variety in this one domain however. I should do “ namely thematic books, everybody feels thematic books content is as dry as a chip, bad to look previously, that is to was not done good. Zhu Daping of ” company president says, don’t “ Party member and leader cadre need accomplishment of skill of knowledge of modern science and technology, management, moral character? …… this market is very big actually, reader demand is very strong. ” Zhu Daping says, nearly two years, of edition of company plan lay off ” Chinese Communist why can ” issue exceed 400 thousand, abroad copyright sold ten countries; ” become best Party member ” issue 700 thousand, and by the whole nation many Party and goverment officials are initiative recommend; to reflect the world of economic history " the force of the company " , of Cui Yongyuan " my war of resistance against aggression " wait for books circulation to exceed 200 thousand ……“ reader of annals of encourage of make it of Party member reader, make the publication concept of ” of books of management of cadre reader make it Zhu Daping digs the huge market that gave to be ignored before. 2011, the sale of times Chinese piles up ocean to amount to 500 million yuan, tax of profit of turn over to the higher authorities many yuan 1200.

2.Agile mechanism + occupational market of quality control =

Industry of civilian battalion book rises to have deep reason oneself

“ we are to do teach complementary, matter to the child’s enter a higher school and future directly, if teach complementary quality to have a problem, that is not just by accident person children, commit a crime however. ” Zhang Quan says. Measure to ensure the product is simple, the company spends big money to ask seasoned teacher to write teach complementary; to hold to “ 7 careful 7 school ” , the 3 careful that set than the country 3 school are much gave 4 school second. “ although so do workload to want times add, but product quality had assure, or very of the value. ”2006 year, those who have one batch teach complementary occurrence flaw, company more than 30 thousand books that has sent agent of countrywide each district all recall, decisive melt into pulp. Although loss 480 thousand yuan, but avoided problem product to flow to the market, also gained reputation for the company. Current, century gold a list of names posted up is industry of book of complete countryman battalion in exclusive an independence assumed national “ the publication orgnaization of task of key of Ministry of Education of 915 ” program.

In 33 when enter Beijing to publish originality industry garden publication enterprises, great majority is civilian battalion. The Beijing that books of responsible garden division manages publishs Liu Kai of company deputy editor in chief to say jointly, the book that goes out from garden area must be oriented and correct, edit quality good, former achieve a gender the work with high value of strong, culture. If the books that civilian battalion company engineers wants to be published with garden division book number must pass colloquium of selection of subject. Garden area invited the old editor that retires from the big company such as people press, people education press, old expert responsible content careful is read and selection of subject guards a pass, can one ticket is overruled. Because guard a pass extremely strict, in a variety of 2000 selection of subject that garden division business reported 2011, only 140 kinds are passed finally.

Liu Kai says: “ books quality matters to an enterprise directly interest and live, so civilian battalion publishs an enterprise to take quality management seriously generally, built 3 careful basically 3 school system, add the qualitative check of garden area and chief editor careful to read, can saying is ‘ 5 careful 5 school ’ . Some books had gone out piece, discovered small issue again, hit redo. ”

Zhu Daping says, company interiorly established center of a qualitative check, central controller has one ticket veto, even if be him (president) say to be able to pass, qualitative check center says to be no good, that cannot pass. The books accident rate that the country sets is extremely one of, but the standard that the company sets is extremely.

Essence of selection of subject acumen of smell of accurate, market, edit quality tall —— depends on excellent product quality, civilian battalion publication enterprise is in take cities and seize territory of best seller domain, held the market share of great majority. Current, only the civilian battalion of one ground of Beijing publishs an orgnaization to amount to more than 5000, the 45%; that takes the throughout the country about year the plan publishs books 50 thousand a variety of, the 40%; that occupies Beijing area to publish books gross about collected large quantities of one high end to get a soldier just, from personnel of course of study nearly 100 thousand person.

3.Policy risk is business environment still waits for battalion of the biggest risk to be improved continuously

Zhang Quan says: Enterprise of civilian battalion culture can do “ greatly strong, a main reason is a government these year what go up in relevant policy is enlightened and open. ”

From 2005 the State Council comes on stage ” a certain number of provisions that enter culture industry about be not common capital ” , to edition of new 2009 scent total arrange is released ” the directive opinion that reforms about advancing news to publish system further ” , to this year ” the executive detailed rules that news publishs total arrange to publish management activity about supporting civilian capital to participate in ” , the limitation that civilian battalion enterprise regards ” of productivity of “ burgeoning culture as to enter publication field is less and less, civilian battalion is published duplicate from downstream emission begin, enter upriver content to produce gradually. Teaching complementary reader and masses to publish two domains, industry of civilian battalion book had held absolutely dominant position.

But compare with posture of state-owned publication company, industry of civilian battalion book can enjoy ” of enjoyment policy “ bonus to be had pity on less. Former safeguard of project of subsidy of the tax cost derate that can enjoy, government, country, talent, appear on the market financing, latter is gotten hard. And, once national policy appears,adjust, of be the first to be affected is industry of civilian battalion book. To this, zhang Quan is experienced quite deep.

This year April, national hair changes appoint, total arrange of new scent edition, Ministry of Education allots ” the announcement that superintends about strengthening middle and primary school to teach complementary material the value ” , the regulation will teach seat of government of complementary fact administration directive value to middle and primary school. Make in “ price fixing after ” , ministry of Education allots ” the announcement that supervises the work about strengthening middle and primary school to teach complementary material to use ” , in asking each save “ to teach complementary material appraise sth through discussion announcement from this province, every version choice teachs a course 1 set complementary material recommend our region school to be chosen for the student. ” because this, whether enter teach complementary list provincially, became civilian battalion to teach complementary enterprise the major issue of of vital importance.

The original idea that “ publishs these policy is for what processing middle and primary school teachs complementary existence cross the issue with high theory of excessive, price too much, I support a country to begin processing operation very much. ” but establish publication group as each province at present, local protectionism has the power that look up, general apt choice saves what he publishs to teach originally complementary. The other place teachs complementary or issue authority to give place releases a company, or does not want to enter. Zhang Quan says, the market of “ fairness competes, we are not afraid of, we believe the quality of own product. ”

The duty of culture enterprise is lost overweight also be a problem. A chief of industry of civilian battalion book walks along ” for “ recently, in the United States investment established a publication company, when how are advisory enterprise income tax and individual income tax handed in to the lawyer, the lawyer asks him one year the family how to much gross income is, he says probably 100 thousand dollar, there are 4 people in the home. Did not think of the lawyer is sure the ground says to him, the individual income tax of a minute of your money also need not hand in “ , because arrive on average on body of every family member just 25 thousand dollar, do not need to pay tax. ” and in home, only his individual income tax handed in 200 thousand yuan last year.








Province of 1-6 month Heibei washed out papermaking to lag behind 2012 produce can 1 million tons

Saved know of environmental protection hall from Heibei recently, first half of the year, heibei province washs out puddling in all 250 thousand tons lag behind produce can, wash out cement 19.8 million tons, papermaking 1 million tons. Complete province completes the project that decrease a platoon in all 1911, each set area city to weave gross of main 2012 contaminant decreases area under administration a plan, chase class to sign responsibility form.

Up to by June, heibei complete province finishs puddling in all 250 thousand tons backward produce can eliminate the job, 29% what take year job; The cement that finish eliminates the job 19.8 million tons, 43% what take year job; The plate glass that finish eliminates the job box of 6.56 million weight, 43% what take year job; The papermaking that finish eliminates the job 1 million tons, 50% what take year job; The curry that finish eliminates the job 1.06 million mark piece, 71% what take year job; The alcohol that finish eliminates the job 30 thousand tons reach ferroalloy to eliminate the job 78 thousand tons.

Current, rate of installation of automatic monitoring establishment obtains source of pollution of Heibei province key 100% , achieve with rate of net of couplet of branch of environmental protection of this province, city 100% , check and accept rate achieve 100% , rate of available data examine and verify is achieved 100% . The rate of lead sealing of bypass damper of establishment of power company to decoke that Heibei complete province has lead sealing requirement is achieved 100% . Complete province dispatchs execute the law personnel 40 thousand person (second) , check a company 16127 (second) , move to did not stabilize 143 enterprises that violate act with existence environment to undertake administration is punished to existing.

Meanwhile, fulfil country and Heibei province strictly to decrease platoon and gross pilot to advancing pollution each privilege gives aid to reach limitative policy. It is current this province already went up the group of igneous electric machinery of the 36 million kilowatt of saltpetre establishment, enjoyed 8 a unit of monthly interest rate entirely / of kilowatt hour take off saltpetre pilot electrovalency. 2 it is right 10 industries such as curry, cement fall into disuse backward produce can implement award filling policy. First half of the year, accumulative total extends award filling fund many yuan 4000. 3 it is 1.25 billion yuan to strive for central environmental protection and capital of processing of the pollution that decrease a platoon first half of the year. 4 it is to insist to regard condition of the buy before building what the project examines and approve as control of main contaminant gross. First half of the year, 22 projects that Heibei province asks to be not being accorded with in all do not grant to accept, do not grant to examine and approve, defer to examine and approve or go back annulus criticizes a report, involve investment 10.3 billion yuan.


The correlation of the policy of value added tax and print and result

Low ask for the effect that discounts pair of scot and cash high to flow to carry out “ dozenth after ” policy, newspaper prints the paper income tax that the enterprise can obtain 17 % , but what what paper part contains in sales revenue at the same time is actual sell a duty to be equivalent to former 13.46 % only, because this raised the income tax of 3.54 % , reduced further should pay value added tax, reduced cash to pour out of.

Low ask for the effect that discounts pair of sale gain high to carry out “ dozenth after ” policy, newspaper prints company proper motion buys paper and in order to contain sales revenue of paper value settle accounts, what add newly all is include to buy paper ingredient in its income and cost. Different tax rate is pressed to remove tariff when income of accountant business accounting and cost as a result of the element buying paper that adds newly, namely low proof buckle high, because this sells profit,also grow accordingly. Assume presswork in the price of the settle accounts that contain paper of the enterprise new cost is included paper to contain tax cost actually, sell profit increase part to be equivalent to adding the 3.54 % of the cost that buy paper newly.

Accountant cost raises, input tax drops the regulation according to accountant business accounting, as a result of tax rate of value added tax reduce, of accountant cost and income tax form produce change, namely input tax drops, accountant cost raises. Executive “ is dozenth after ” policy, the 13.46 % that real income tax is equivalent to base paper Zhang Heyin brushing cost (1.17÷1.13×0.13) , because the paper of this and former business accounting is mixed,presswork cost photograph is compared, income tax drops 3.54 % , accountant cost rises 3.54 % , the cost of accountant of translate into of income tax section that reduce.

Through “ dozenth the different and financial impact to company and group analyses a ” policy visible, the proportion containing tax that company reductive should reach part of value added tax to will carry settle accounts price drops and the accountant income of company of all translate into, raised the accountant cost of the group accordingly necessarily at the same time. Executive “ is dozenth the premise of a ” policy is the newspaper office must entrust newspaper to presswork the enterprise buys paper, but the implementation of this premise may get the influence of element of the following respects: Policy interest shares a problem. Executive “ is dozenth a ” policy is right newspaper prints the financial impact of publication unit of enterprise and newspaper is to, if presswork,expend the price that contain tax namely changeless, “ is dozenth the accountant accrual of a ” policy will be attributed to newspaper to presswork entirely enterprise, newspaper publishs an unit to will bear corresponding accountant cost.
At present newspaper prints the enterprise divides kind: The first kind is blame of subordinate of newspaper publication unit independent corporative pressworks factory; The 2nd kind is correlation pressworks enterprise, namely newspaper office or cable trade group accuse imprint Wu company; The 3rd kind of dispute pressworks associatedly enterprise. The first kind pressworks accounting unit of enterprise dispute independence, “ is dozenth the accrual of a ” policy is attributed to newspaper completely to publish an unit; The 2nd kind pressworks the enterprise is by newspaper publication unit is accused, because this newspaper published an unit to enjoy “ secondhand dozenth the partial earnings of a ” policy; The 3rd kind pressworks the enterprise is existing how to publish an unit to share “ with newspaper dozenth an issue of ” policy earnings.

Newspaper prints the capital problem of the enterprise. In last few years, a lot of newspaper print the enterprise needs to get used to the market to compete, pressworking of equipment transform newlier go up to already invested a large number of capital, executive “ is dozenth after ” policy, newspaper prints the company will add the business that buy paper, because the demand of this fund expenses is increased further, short-term inside the likelihood faces greater capital pressure. Newspaper publishs unit cost to control a problem. Paper cost is the main component that newspaper publishs an unit to run cost, controlling paper to purchase link is the important step that controls paper cost, because this purchases paper business,newspaper of complete pass on prints the enterprise may be put in certain difficulty.

Newspaper prints the enterprise is moved appropriately low imprint valence, reduce newspaper to publish the scope that unit accountant cost increases, the kind that allows newspaper to publish an unit to be poured out of in order to reduce cash shares “ dozenth a close an account that ” newspaper publishs an unit to adjust newspaper to purchase only link, namely what paper purchases medium invite public bidding, negotiation, price and contract provision is affirmatory still be in charge of by the newspaper office, but paper purchases a contract to presswork with newspaper the name of the enterprise is signed, bill of paper money settle accounts opens newspaper to presswork enterprise, paper money of short duration by newspaper office pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, presswork to newspaper in the newspaper office the enterprise raises send to press to brush take time to balance strong close an account.







“Stone papermaking ” the navigate that contain hill

Stone papermaking? Make a person magical. Put in even make 761 meters longly, 617 meters widely, high in the 9 monomer workshop of rice, this too be charmed letting a person. On July 25, the reporter is full of excited ground to walk into area of garden of economy of road junction of the high speed that contain hill, seek ” of “ stone papermaking.

The station is in be less than edge, land soon already the site of construction of ” of “ stone papermaking of level off, machinery of much stage of ……60 of unload of grab, monkey engine, bulldozer, automatic outfit is busying in order, good send the working setting with busy in full swing. Assistant director of district of garden of economy of road junction of the high speed that contain hill grows Introduction Shang Zhirun, ” of “ stone papermaking always invests 3 billion yuan by Inc. of new material of earthly bodyguard environmental protection, cover an area of 753 mus of construction, it is project of capital attraction of key of saddle hill city. After project put into production, year sale total value will achieve 50 100 million, realize taxes of year of turn over to the higher authorities nearly 600 million yuan. To ensure project as soon as possible be born, two short lunar time, economic garden area works overtime race against time, finished quantity of cubic meter of earth of 800 thousand cubic, upper attachment migratory, water system is adjusted wait for early days job, realized “ 7 one smooth ” shifts to an earlier date consign. Current, inc. of new material of earthly bodyguard environmental protection already entered construction of project picket foundation in the round, the end of the year will complete the main body project of the Asia’s oldest monomer factory building.

In project spot, earthly bodyguard (contain hill) Zhao Shoufeng smiling face is full of controller of project of Inc. of environmental protection new material, speak of stone papermaking, speak of hill of saddle of project be born, he tells a reporter flat-out: “ these two years, earthly bodyguard searchs the strategy to invest a dot in long triangle area all the time, we also make an on-the-spot investigation many a little bit in the Anhui province. Should say, division into districts is adjusted, contain hill to delimit to saddle hill city, the area of saddle hill the sincerity of business of action of advantage, government, sturdy the determination of be born of earthly bodyguard project. ” Zhao Shoufeng says frankly, earthly bodyguard is in at present and other places of Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Tianjin, Chongqing has 7, containing hill is the 8th, it is at present earthly bodyguard invests dimensions in the whole nation project of the biggest ” of “ stone papermaking, the dimensions that compares other item wants 4 times bigger, also be the headquarters seat of long triangle area. “ time is the benefit that the company grows, did not think of saddle hill of the government sector handle affairs efficiency a bit not as slow as us, for us the project is advanced won valuable time. ”

As we have learned, earthly bodyguard held water 2008, it is letter heart accuses a banner of group limited company to leave one of companies of estate of 3 big pillar. Own own intellectual property, paper of environmental protection of body of pink of original creation inorganic (stone papermaking) project. The project broke through product of tall calcium carbonate to become paper of body of velar technology, inorganic pink the many technologies difficulty such as extra high strength, the company obtained authorization in all 2010 7 patent, among them 6 new-style and practical patent, an invention is patent, declare 2 inventions patent again at the same time, fill home is blank, this technology belongs to industry of high-end environmental protection, technology of forward position of low carbon economy reachs world banner level. By 2011, the city of one side of environmental protection wallpaper that its produce, with respect to because its are good in quality and cheap in price qualitative actor, be favorred by consumer, the product demands exceeds supply.

Yokohama rubber company will build sealant plant in China (wait for 5)

2004-09-16 11:03:0Company of 0 yokohama rubber will build sealant plant in China (wait for 5) before 2207602007 years August 29 article / Enpproperty- – >    According to Japanese media coverage, company of Japanese yokohama rubber already built a car to use sealant production company in Hangzhou permissibly.     Construction of this company project is divided in all period, first phase invests 1.5 million dollar, the plan built go into operation in January 2005, make productivity of car windshield sealant is achieved annual 1000 tons; The 2nd period invest 2.2 million dollar, make productivity is in 3 years inside, break up one time to 2007 namely. Before this, yokohama rubber company is export car sealant to China from Japan. The 4th sealant that this new plant is yokohama rubber company produces Hangzhou base, other 3 are built in Japan, United States and Thailand respectively.     The world blocked paper products value to will go up in the round in vain in September tone    According to ” oar paper weekly ” report, the personage inside course of study says, a few large United States block paper production business in vain, include company of international paper estate, Simofei – company and Mi Dewei solid Wei overcome Stone company, the plan rose to raise price to fold carton and rubber packing sheet in September.     3 afore-mentioned manufacturer announce to raise price since September 9. In the meantime, company of estate of thalassic country paper also announces to raise price since September 15.     Hunan rice sells as far as to race to control of beautiful day Han high-grade rice market    According to abroad media coverage, hunan rice recaptures the market of Hunan rice estate that is held by Thailand aromatic rice afresh, sell as far as to the country such as 20 many provinces city of Chinese and beautiful day Han at the same time, sales volume amounts to 2.5 billion kilograms outside. Make be worthy of the name ” aromatic rice ” . 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, hunan rice is in our country for a time because of mouthfeel difference southern market suffer a setback, the export volume that is less than 100 million kilograms every year makes Hunan paddy rice get into trouble. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, this province is introduced energetically, seed selection and promotion are high grade paddy new breed, 40 counties wait in source of Yue Yang, peach (city, area) build high grade paddy to produce base, execute area to turn production of layout, standardization. This year, area of establish of high grade seed rice amounts to base thousand mus 2000, emersion ” the lake is wide ripe, the world is sufficient ” brilliant.     Rate of German sea freight fell compared to the same period in July 2.4%    According to abroad media coverage, according to the is base with euro data that bureau of heart federal statistic released on September 8, index of ratio of freight of sea of heart regular ship fell compared to the same period this year in July 2.4% . With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, the marine cost rate of Europe, Africa and America course increases (0.4% , 0.3% and 2.4% ) , dan Yazhou and Oceanian marine cost rate fall apparently (8.4% ) . Led with the sea freight June in May grow respectively compared to the same period 0.3% and drop 1.4% . Rate of marine this year in July cost rises 1% than June, of growth basically is Europe and America course, africa, Asia and Oceanian course appear fall after a rise.     Thailand may restore hot-rolling board to oppose dumping tax in September    At the beginning of September, the hot-rolling with the biggest Thailand board government of Thailand of demand of company of manufacturing business SSI restores to turn over dumping custom duty to importing hot-rolling board to ask for, produce business in order to protect home. Other steel mill also has similar demand inside Thailand. But whether to restore levy, peaceful trade department expresses to will be in near future to sit a meeting, with deciding to whether be opposite hot-rolling board restores to ask for turn over dumping custom duty. Thailand imported steel to 14 country in May last year hot-rolling board is collected oppose dumping tax, as a result of vicissitude of the market, thailand government rose on March 17 this year, time-out collects hot-rolling board to oppose dumping tax 6 months, deadline is about to expire nowadays. According to statistic of association of Thailand iron and steel, this year first half of the year Thailand hot-rolling board import volume amounts to 1.1 million tons, grow 37 % compared to the same period. At present Thailand steel price is 590 dollar / ton, entrance price is 570 to 580 dollar / ton.     Country of beautiful national defence lays in a center in August work off zinc of 3700 short ton    According to abroad media coverage, country of American national defence lays in a center (DNSC) expressed on September 7, already sold zinc of about 3700 short ton to 6 companies in August 2004.     These companies are equestrian head firm respectively (p of r of o of C of   of d of a of e of h of e of s of H o r . ) , company of partnership of heart of Huo Kexi Er (LLC of   of s of r of e of n of t of r of a of P of   of d of l of i of h of c of s of h of H o c . ) , company of American zinc estate (U. S. c of Z i n ) belong to a company with Lijijin (o of C of   of s of l of a of t of e of M of   of y of e of h of c of R i t . ) wait.     Uganda plans to increase lint to speak a volume    According to abroad media coverage, bureau of Uganda cotton development expresses, the Uganda lint export volume inside two years will break up one time henceforth, in order to increase foreign currency income.     General manager of bureau of Uganda cotton development Sabunei said tall Li · a few days ago, in the plan lint spoke a volume 2006 is 300 thousand packets, and current export volume is 160 thousand packets.     The United States is packed will exceed paper products with plastic consumption    According to abroad media coverage, freedonia group seeks advice from the special subject of the company to study the report is forecasted, the American market that pack is medium 2006, plastic consumption will exceed paper products in 17 fractionize market, consumptive gross amounts to 4.9 million tons, came 2001 between 2006 year all increase rate will be achieved 1.6% .     Should study the report points out, paper quality is packed carrying the bag that pack and ripe food to carry only continue to hold a dominant position on the market that pack, and plastic pack will be in each fractionize markets show his on flexible package market especially technical advantage and use convenient sex. Because plastic bag apparel has rate of easy treatment, birth to be mixed quickly,can reclaim wait for a characteristic, increased its market competition ability thereby. (On the west  Child  Extract and compile)