Autograph of collaboration of new and high technology of Shanghai light fine and Shanghai arranges a ceremony

Recently, the technical collaboration that limited company of technology of new and high papermaking of industrial limited company and Shanghai specializations had Shanghai light fine grand autograph arranges a ceremony. President of general manager of limited company of technology of new and high papermaking of Chen Xiaokang of president of industrial limited company, Shanghai signed Shanghai light fine jointly cooperative agreement.

Limited company of technology of Shanghai new and high papermaking is a major is engaged in online figuration implement, the high-tech company of machine of special type paper. The company developed sirocco to turn to type to apply glue spreader again recently, banner place is had on the technology in machinery of papermaking of paper of domestic and international special type and crucial part.

Shanghai light good people is industrial will depend on its on advanced productivity and the base that have product technology, the advantage is complementary, with the shortest time, the oldest rate rises Shanghai light fine even the standard of industry of travel of accident of paper of special type paper of our country and core competition ability, the advanced technique that also makes Shanghai new and high at the same time realizes industrialization ceaselessly, from go up at all stimulative productivity develops, increase the service capacity that is a paper mill.

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Waste paper price encounters ” switchback ” industrial earnestly longs for pulp futures ” stabilizer “

From ” double 11 ” electric business complains ” one box is begged hard ” , go to paper mill one day 3 depreciate, close not to receive waste paper, 2017 from south to north, domestic paper industry sat strongly ” switchback ” .

A reject buys Zhengzhou station boss Sun De (alias) in costly store up a large number of waste paper, the waste paper that the last ten-day of a month began in October reclaims slump in price, attack thoroughly broke down he. “3 days had a deficit ten, the profit that is in former years a year. ” he says. And a few citizens of local also taste valence because of waste paper fierce, choose to throw away directly.

The personage inside course of study introduces, diaphaneity of industry of current home paper is very low, market price case discovers ability is very weak, price power is excessive concentration, paper value soares steep fall inevitable, industrial earnestly needs to avoid dangerous section is provided.

Waste paper price rises to fall greatly greatly

If say what commodity price encountered 2017 ” switchback ” , papermaking trade is fair on a list of names posted up famous.

Data shows, waste paper reclaims valence is in August, in September, the first ten days of a month in October all the way ” violent wind is tall ” , break through 2900 yuan for a time / ton. 2 managers introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the Warring States introduces goods of Shanghai futures exchange, before 2017 10 months, the spot price that our country bleachs needle oar goes up 46% , especially the last ten-day of a month went up to October in July exceed 35% , of the corresponding period of comparative and main heavy goods go up drop, 2017 1 come to bleached needle oar price to go up in October a far outclass is other breed.

Nevertheless, subsequently, waste paper reclaims the price is by October Chu Congfeng carried rapid fall after a rise on the head in November, at present much area of price of countrywide waste paper drops answer 2000 yuan / ton the following. The near future, come in succession as the festival such as the Christmas, Spring Festival, demand of finished product paper is released in succession, guangdong area waste paper reclaims the value changes however since lasting many days drop prices, begin to go up tone, and rise in price limits enlarges area of Hua Dong, China north by Hua Na area. Recently round drop in situation, this area takes the lead in dropping.

To waste paper reclaimed 2017 the industry experiences ” switchback ” prices, the personage inside course of study explains, above all, came in July price of the middle ten days of a month was climbed all the way in October litre, the reason is opposite at environmental protection ” foreign rubbish ” import policy is tightened up. Like the new edition that ministry of portion environmental protection issued in August 2017 ” entrance trash runs list ” , from limitation without the waste paper of sorting the entrance is adjusted to prohibit importing, reclaim paper and chipboard are included ” ban list ” , entrance waste paper is supplied decrease; Nearly two years one in approving, small paper mill increases setting to fall to be washed out in environmental protection strength, also reduced paper to supply. Additional, capital construction investment was advanced quickly 2017 bring a building to increase the industry with feed demand, and in recent years swift and violent development drives electric business wrapping paper demand increases considerably, waste paper demands exceeds supply, the price appeared for a time 2017 soare.

Next, early days falls in the circumstance with opaque market, the price exists ” empty is tall ” ; Costly wrapping paper also ” frighten run ” businessman of many cable business, national Day, mid-autumn ” double section ” afterwards, order decreases considerably, paper mill inventory is serious keep long in stock, paper value steeps fall.

Notable is, accompanying paper value big cases to fall greatly, corresponding A of relevant mark also walked out of 2017 V rise and fall greatly prices. With Shan Ying paper industry is exemple, came in June 2017 in September the middle ten days of a month, this company share price from 3.4 yuan around go up all the way 5.7 yuan, but subsequently open drops continuously prices, come to be handed in at present cast at 4.2 yuan around.

Industrial catenary undercurrent is billowy

Soare, steep fall, rise again, waste paper reclaims the price under a 3 prices that fold, industrial catenary undercurrent is billowy.

Papermaking industry is enterprise of raw material of our country foundation, whole industry catenary separates the pulp manufacturing industry that is upper reaches, the papermaking industry among and downstream paper products make a trade. Upper reaches involves agriculture, forestry, involve what taste to of all kinds paper to pack downstream, presswork and consume an industry. Pulp is paper industry base, from raw material classification, can divide for wood pulp, blame wood pulp and useless pulp, consumption of waste paper oar is occupied than the biggest, occupy 65% . In addition, the chemical oar in wood pulp bleachs a needle oar and oar bleaching broadness counts an import for a long time, china bleached needle oar entrance to measure 8.04 million tons 2016, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence is spent more than 99% , the crop that bleached broad oar 2016 is 5 million tons, importing an amount is 8.34 million tons, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence is spent 60% .

Regard heavy goods as one of category, “The trade that whole product involves is more, to home the development of relevant industry is had pull a movement apparently to use. ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the Warring States introduces, our country dimensions and above papermaking and paper product company added up to 2016 many 6700, manufacturing chipboard is close to 100 million tons, consumption already achieved the 1/4 of global gross, manufacturing pulp many tons 7900, 1.97% what entire industry income holds GDP total. Had negative growth except the production that paper reached chipboard 2013 and consumption besides, in last few years since, production and consumption are in ascendant posture all the time.

The personage inside course of study introduces, the change that at present environmental protection asks is an undercurrent that drive industry whole produces change.

As treat corrupt the papermaking course of study of key target, it is the new edition that in August 2017 the portion receives environmental protection ministry to release first ” entrance trash runs list ” . Recently, ” environmental protection of entrance waste paper administers a regulation ” (next weighing ” regulation ” ) formal draft also boots be born, ” regulation ” the treatment that permits to applying for to import waste paper used enterprise aptitude to make clear demand. In addition, our country general will leave from January 1, 2018 impose environmental protection tax, the blowdown rate system that applied 40 years at the same time is spent will exit historical arena.

The industry that Chinese papermaking association announces at the beginning of the year ” 935 ” development opinion puts forward ” innovation, harmonious, green, share ” development concept, made ” 935 ” evening is whole the development target of papermaking industry: To 2020 end, the consumption of countrywide paper and chipboard predicts to achieve 110 million tons, year all grow 1.4% , year consumption of average per capita achieves 81 kilogram (now our country year consumption of average per capita is 75 kilogram, euramerican developed country year consumption of average per capita is 200 kilogram) . To 2020 end, structure of wood pulp of wood pulp, waste paper oar, blame by 2015 27.9% , 65.1% , 7% adjust for 28.6% , 65% , 6.4% .

Analytic personage points out, under environmental protection high pressure, paper and chipboard demand will continue to promote, and a large number of in small papermaking enterprise is treated corrupt ability is weaker be faced with fall into disuse, the industry spends existence to promote demand centrally. Vast development space, medium and small businesses slants much industry structure, taller raw material external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent, overlay has the market level that falls greatly greatly, the risk that papermaking industry faces already very highlight. Industrial public figure expresses, earnestly needs to stablize the price wave motion, finance tool that discovers market price case to help an industry avoid danger.

As we have learned, long-term since, inside papermaking course of study, element has ” paper mill dominant is whole industrial catenary ” view, namely advantageous position of paper mill negotiate a price is too large, no matter be pair of waste paper or base paper, have price right. The industry suffers the pain with fluctuant price downstream. 2017 fluctuate considerably in prices, a few reject buy a station to be able to ‘t bear deficit, appear run road or the appearance that miss couplet.

Pulp futures ” there can be no turning back “

Draw lessons from check of already of foreign person of the same trade, open of our country option market the research to pulp futures and appear on the market preparatory job.

In the thirteenth that holds at the beginning of December China (Shenzhen) on international futures mass rally, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the Warring States expresses, shanghai futures exchange already experienced 4 years to the research work of pulp futures, so far, the agreement of pulp futures and relevant business regulation are finished basically already, the relevant regulation that will meet according to card inspect is reliable those who push pulp futures appear on the market.

The oar bleaching a needle that above paragraphs mentions is the content of the contract award of pair of pulp futures.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the Warring States expresses, with respect to current pulp trade, still maintaining the traditional trade pattern of intermediate trafficker and upriver oar factory, downstream paper mill, pulp futures appears on the market this kind of mode is change ” industry + finance ” mode, of pulp futures appear on the market will raise pulp price to discover ability, the price that escalates our country pulp counterpoises, the price that raises circumjacent market is permeated degree. The two big function of option market are the price discovery and set period keep a cost, the enterprise is used for a long time set period the influence that maintains a value to be able to reduce product value wave motion effectively to be managed to company production, the extent of outstanding achievement wave motion in managing achieves the stability of whole industry, whole industry, healthy, goal that manages continuously. Of pulp futures appear on the market to fix a price promotion home pulp consequence, be helpful for serving hypostatic economy, optimize industrial structure, perfect alignment of product of our country futures.

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